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How to say "business" in Russian

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Meaning: business, affair, deed, things, matter, case

Pronunciation: [DYEH-lah]

Part of speech: noun (neuter)

Rank: #70 (see frequency list)

 Example sentences:
  • В чём дело?
  • What is the matter?
  • Как дела?
  • How are things?
  • Предприниматель открыл собственное дело
  • An entrepreneur started his own business.
  • Я думаю, что это мое личное дело.
  • I think that this is my personal business.
  • Не в э́том де́ло.
  • That's not the point.
  • Ценный работник не остаётся без дела.
  • A valuable employee won't stay without work.
  • Э́то де́ло мы уже́ напра́вили в суд.
  • We have sent this case to court already.
  • Де́ло в том, что у кредтной карточки есть определённые преиму́щества.
  • The point is that credit cards have certain advantages.
  • Извини́те, я должен уйти́. Мно́го дел.
  • I'm sorry, I have to leave. Lots of work.
  • Так в чём же дело?
  • So what's the matter? (So what's the point?)
  • Пожалуйста, сделайте доброе дело, помогите нам!
  • Please, make a good deed, help us!
  • Он знал, с кем имел дело.
  • He knew who he was dealing with.
  • Хватит бездельничать, займись делом!
  • Enough whiling away. Get busy! (familiar)
  • Это личное дело каждого как именно ему жить.
  • It is the personal business of everyone to decide how to live their life.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • одно дело... и другое дело... = It is one thing... It is another thing...
  • на самом деле = as a matter of fact; in fact
  • то ли дело = how much better; what a difference
  • то и дело = every now and then; time and again
  • между делом = at odd moments
  • дело за = the matter depends (on)
  • Дело в том, что... = The fact / point is that...
  • Дело не в... = It is not a matter of...
  • Какое дело? = What does it matter?
  • Какое ему дело! = What does he care!
  • испытать на деле = to test in practice
  • иметь дело с... = to have to do with...; to deal with...
  • говорить дело = to talk sense
  • Такие-то дела! = So that's how things are!
  • дело в шляпе = it's in the bag, it's a sure thing
  • Не в этом дело! = That is not the question / point!
  • и на словах и на деле = in word and deed
  • У него дело к вам. = He has to speak to you.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
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