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How to say "house" in Russian

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Meaning: house, home, building, household

Pronunciation: [dohm]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #100 (see frequency list)

"Gingerbread House" in Essex, Connecticut, USA
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 Example sentences:
  • Вот мой дом.
  • Here's my house.
  • Я живу́ в большо́м до́ме.
  • I live in a big house.
  • Ири́на вы́шла из до́ма.
  • Irina left the house.
  • Библиоте́ка ста́ла мои́м вторы́м до́мом.
  • The library became my second home.
  • В го́роде постро́или но́вый многокварти́рный дом.
  • A new apartment house has been built in the city.
  • Оте́ль располо́жен за дома́ми.
  • The hotel is located behind the houses.
  • Та́ня пришла́ домо́й.
  • Tanya came home.
  • Бу́дьте как до́ма.
  • Feel yourself home. (polite or plural)
  •  literal  Be as at home.
  • Чу́вствуйте себя́ как до́ма.
  • Make yourself at home. (polite or plural)
  • В до́ме была́ всего́ одна́ ко́мната.
  • There was only one room in the house.
  • В Са́нкт Петербу́рге мно́го краси́вых домо́в.
  • There are many beautiful houses in Saint Petersburg.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • многоквартирный дом = apartment house; condominium
  • на дому́ = at home
  • сумасшедший дом = madhouse
  • вне дома = out of doors
  • уро́ки на дому́ = private lessons
  • чувствовать себя как дома = to make oneself at home
  • не все дома = crazy, loco, mad, lunatic
      literal  not all at home
  • быть в доме хозяином = to rule the roost
      literal  to be a host in the house
  • торговый дом = firm, company
      literal  trading house
  • издательский дом = publishing house
 Related words:
  • до́мик = a little house
  • дома́шний = home, domestic
  • здание = building
  • домо́й = (adverb) home, homewards, to the house
  • жили́ще = dwelling, housing
  • домово́й = brownie, house-spirit
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Без хозяина дом сирота.
  • No eye like the eye of the master.
  •  literal  Without the master house an orphan.
  • В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.
  • It is good to be visiting, but it is better at home.
  • До́ма стены помогают.
  • My house is my castle.
  •  literal  At home walls help.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Locativeна дому́-
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