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Let's learn new vocabulary in a fun, visual way! The topic of this page is the Restaurant (рестора́н). Just look at the picture and learn how the object is called in Russian. Then listen to audio recordings and read English translations.

Audio   Russian word   Pronunciation English translation  

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меню́ mee-NYOO menu

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ви́лка VEEL-kah fork

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таре́лка tah-RYEHL-kah plate

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нож nohsh knife

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ло́жка LOHSH-kah spoon

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ми́ска MEES-kah bowl

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салфе́тка sahl-FYEHT-kah napkin

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соль sohl' salt

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пе́рец PYEH-reets pepper

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ча́шка CHAHS-kah cup, teacup,

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буты́лка boo-TIHL-kah bottle

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бока́л bah-KAHL stem glass

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стака́н stah-KAHN drinking glass

Learning Russian Restaurant Words

You should now have a clear picture in your head referring to more than dozen Russian restaurant words. Plus, the audio recordings are a fantastic way to get the pronunciation of the dining vocabulary right from the start. Make sure to visit the Russian picture dictionary to learn even more Russian words. There is also a section on Russian culture if you are looking for fun ways to learn Russian and understand Russians better.

• 12 Essential Topics (Restaurant, Clothes, etc.)
• 200+ images, including Cyrillic letters
• High-quality audio by native Russian speakers

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Ask them in the Russian Questions and Answers — a place for students, teachers and native Russian speakers to discuss Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of the Russian language.

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