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How to say "near" in Russian

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Meaning: near, at, in the time of, in the presence of, with, attached to, by, about

Pronunciation: [pree]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #90 (see frequency list)

There was a big garden by the house.
Photo by Mark Coleman (Downloadable photos) CC-BY-SA-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Когдá былá би́тва при Бородинé?
  • When was the battle of Borodino?
  • При дóме был большóй сад.
  • There was a big garden by the house.
  • При ресторáне рабóтает кулинари́я.
  • There's a food shop by the restaurant.
  •  literal  By the restaurant works a gastronomy shop.
  • Рáзве мóжно таки́е вéщи говори́ть при ребëнке!
  • How can you say such things in child's presence!
  •  literal  Is it really allowed to say such things by a child!
  • При Стáлине бы́ло пострóено москóвское метрó.
  • The Moscow metro was built in Stalin's time.
  • При вы́ходе из пóезда не забывáйте свои́ вéщи.
  • When going out of the train, don't leave your personal belongings.
  •  literal  When going out of the train, don't forget your things.
  • При дневнóм свéте бу́дут видны́ все дефéкты макия́жа.
  • All the make-up defects will be seen in daylight.
  • У негó нé было при себé никаки́х докумéнтов.
  • He didn't have any documents with him.
  • При такóй головé всегдá хорóшую рабóту найти́ мóжно.
  • Being so intelligent, one can always find a good job.
  •  literal  With such a head, it's always possible to find a good job.
  • При всëм моëм желáнии, я не смогу́ Вам помóчь.
  • Much as I would like to help you, I can't manage it. (polite)
  •  literal  With all my desire, I won't be able to help you. (polite)
  • Попроси́ у Кóли: он всегдá при деньгáх.
  • Ask Kolia, he always has money.
  •  literal  Ask Kolia, he's always with money.
  • Он был тогдá ужé при́ смерти.
  • He was already dying then.
  • При чëм тут егó образовáние?
  • What does his education have to do with it?
  • Храни́ть таки́е проду́кты ну́жно тóлько при ни́зкой температу́ре.
  • This type of food has to be stored only at low temperature.
  •  literal  It's necessary to store these products only at low temperature.
  • Онá совсéм не уставáла, при том, что рабóтала днями и ночáми.
  • She wasn't tired at all, although she worked day and night.
  •  literal  She wasn't tired at all, although she worked days and nights.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • при посторóнних = before strangers
  • иметь при себé = to have smth with oneself
  • при такóм здорóвье = with such health
  • при всëм своëм уважéнии = for all his/her respect
  • при всей своéй любви́ = for all his/her love
  • при всëм своëм желáнии = much as smb would like to
  • при всëм том = moreover, for all that
  • при парáде = well-dressed
      literal  by a parade
  • при свечáх = candle light
      literal  with candles
  • при́ смерти = dying
      literal  near smb's death
  • при содéйствии = with smb's assistance
  • при учácтии = with smb's participation
  • при царé Горóхе = When Queen Anne was alive
      literal  in the tzar Goroh's (Peas) time
  • При чëм тут? = What does is have to do?
  • при всём этом = in spite of all that, for all that
  • быть ни при чём = have nothing to do with
  • быть при = to have
 Related words:
  • у = at, near
  • óколо = at, near
  • во врéмя = in the time of
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • При счácтье браня́тся, при бедé ми́рятся.
  • When people are happy, they argue, but when there is misfortune, they are reconciled.
  • Хвали́ жизнь при́ смерти, а день вéчером.
  • Praise the life when you're dying and the day, at night.
  • Без умéнья и си́ла не при чëм.
  • Even strength doesn't work without ability.

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