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How to say "also" in Russian

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Meaning: also, as well, too, either

Pronunciation: [TOH-zheh]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #97 (see frequency list)

I've also been to Volgograd.
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 Example sentences:
  • Я тóже был в Волгогрáде.
  • I've also been to Volgograd.
  • Cтакáны все гря́зные, чáшки тóже.
  • All the glasses are dirty, so are the cups.
  •  literal  All glasses are dirty, cups too.
  • Я еë не знáю, никогдá не ви́дел. Я тóже.
  • I don't know her, I've never met her. Me neither.
  • Он понимáл, что происхóдит, и они́ тóже.
  • He understood what was happening, so did they.
  • Начáльник тóже нé был увéрен, что всë полу́чится.
  • The boss wasn't sure either that everything was going to turn out well.
  • У тебя́ нет дéнег? У меня́ тóже нет.
  • Have you got no money? Neither have I.
  • Бу́дешь морóженое? Нет? Тогдá я тóже не бу́ду.
  • Do you want some ice cream? You don't? Neither do I.
  • Тóже мне - жéнщина, за собóй совсéм не следи́т!
  • What a woman indeed, she doesn't look after herself at all!
  •  literal  Too me woman, after herself doesn't look!
  • Ты тóже хорóш, что ты зли́шься?
  • You're a fine one too, why are you angry?
  •  literal  You're good too, why are you angry?
  • Нашли́сь тут преподавáтели, тóже!
  • What teachers, indeed!
  •  literal  Teachers turned up here, too!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • тóже мне = indeed
      literal  too me
  • ты тóже хорóш = you're a fine one
      literal  you're good too
  • тóже = indeed
      literal  too
 Related words:
  • тáкже = too, also, as well
  • и = and

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Word: что
Meaning: (pron) what, which, that, anything, (conjunction) that, (adverb) why
Pronunciation: [shtoh]

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