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How to say "neither" in Russian

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Meaning: neither, not a, not any

Pronunciation: [nee]

Part of speech: conjunction, particle

Rank: #60 (see frequency list)

Does he really have no money at all?
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 Example sentences:
  • Я не нашëл в рабóте ни однóй оши́бки!
  • I have not found any mistakes in the paper.
  • У негó что, прáвда нет ни копéйки?
  • Does he really have no money at all?
  •  literal  Does ha really have not a [single] kopeck?
  • У Кáти нет ни мину́ты свобóдного врéмени.
  • Katia does not have any free time at all.
  •  literal  Katia does not have a minute of free time.
  • Мы не ви́дели ни егó, ни еë.
  • We saw neither him nor her.
  • Ни тогó, ни другóго нé было на собрáнии.
  • Neither of the two were present at the meeting.
  • Ты что, э́то так интерécно, я не пропусти́л ни одногó урóка!
  • I can't agree with you, it is really interesting, I have not missed a single lesson!
  • Кудá бы он ни пошëл, вездé встречáл Пáвла.
  • Wherever he went, he met Pavel everywhere.
  • Как ни старáйся, ничегó не вы́йдет.
  • No matter how hard you try, nothing will come out of it.
  • Скóлько бы ты ни рабóтал, всë равнó мнóго не зарабóтаешь.
  • No matter how hard you work, you will not earn a lot anyway.
  • Он не нашëл информáции о вы́борах ни в какóй газéте.
  • He did not find the information about the elections in any newspaper.
  • Подожди́, я eщë ни с кем не разговáривал.
  • Wait, I have not spoken to anybody yet.
  • Бинтá ни у когó нет?
  • Does anybody have a bandage?
  • Не сомневáйся ни в чëм!
  • Do not doubt about anything!
  • Ни у когó из них нет óпыта рабóты.
  • None of them has a job experience.
  • Я покá ни в когó не влюби́лся.
  • I am not in love with anyone yet.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Ни за ни прóтив = Neither for nor against
  • Ни шáгу дáльше = Not a step further!
  • Нет ни души́ = Not a soul
  • Ни слóва бóльше = Not another word!
  • Всë э́то ни к чему́ = It is all to no good
  • Ни на что не годи́тся = Is good for nothing
  • Ни на чтó не променя́ет = He will not exchange it for anything
  • Ни с чем = With nothing, without anything
  • Ни колá, ни дворá = No place to go
      literal  No picket and no yard
  • Нет ни копéйки = To be penniless
      literal  Not a copeck
  • Ни еди́ного слóва = Not a single word
  • Ни грошá в кармáне = To be penniless
      literal  Not a penny in the pocket
  • Ни чертá = Not a damn thing
      literal  Not a devil
  • Ни уму́ ни сéрдцу = It is no good either for mind or for heart
  • Ни жив ни мëртв от стрáха = Frightened out of his wits
      literal  Not alive neither dead of fear
  • В нéбе ни óблачка = There is not a single cloud in the sky
  • Ни ры́ба ни мя́со = Neither fish, nor fowl
      literal  Neither fish not meat
  • Ни то ни сë = Neither one thing nor the other
  • Ни в грош не стáвить = Not give a damn (for)
      literal  Not give a half-copeck coin for
 Related words:
  • никтó = nobody
  • ничегó = nothing
  • никудá = nowhere (direction)
  • нигде = nowhere (place)
  • никакóй = no, none
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Нé было ни грошá, а вдруг алты́н.
  • Yesterday a pauper, today a king
  •  literal  I had a half-kopeck coin and suddenly I got a three-kopeck piece.
  • Кудá ни кинь, вездé клин.
  • Every avenue comes up a dead end.
  •  literal  Wherever you look, there is a wedge.
  • На послóвицу ни судá, ни распрáвы.
  • For a proverb, no justice and no reprisal.

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