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How to say "our" in Russian

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Meaning: our, ours, our, ours

Pronunciation: [nahsh]

Part of speech: pronoun

Rank: #65 (see frequency list)

Our Granny is kind and сheerful.
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 Example sentences:
  • Наш дом óчень высóкий.
  • Our house is very high.
  • Нáша бáбушка дóбрая и весëлая.
  • Our Granny is kind and сheerful.
  • Нáше врéмя бы́ло тру́дным.
  • Our time was difficult.
  •  literal  Our times were difficult.
  • Кни́га Гóголя нáша.
  • The book by Gogol is ours.
  • Ты ви́дел нáшего учи́теля по матемáтике?
  • Have you seen our maths teacher?
  • Я ужé поговори́л с нáшим начáльником.
  • I have already spoken to our boss.
  • Одногó из нáших друзéй звáли Тиму́р.
  • The name of one of our friends was Timur.
  •  literal  One of our friends was called Timur.
  • Давáй вы́пьем на нáшу семью́!
  • Let's drink to our family!
  • Мы ужé расскáзывали тебé о нáшей кóшке?
  • Have we already told you about cat?
  • Вот вáши конфéты, а вот – нáши.
  • Here are your sweets, and here are ours.
  • Кудá же мы поéдем с нáшими проблéмами?
  • Where can we go if we have so many problems?
  •  literal  Where will we go with our problems?
  • На вся́кий слу́чай я позвони́л нáшим сосéдям.
  • I called our neighbours just in case.
  • В Eврóпе мнóго нáших.
  • There are a lot of Russians in Europe.
  •  literal  There are a lot of ours in Europe.
  • Он – наш пáрень, никогдá не подведëт!
  • He is a nice guy, he will never let us down!
  •  literal  He is our guy, he will never let us down!
  • Урá! Гол! Нáши вы́играли!
  • Cool! Goal! Our team won!
  •  literal  Hurrah! Goal! Ours won!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • Нáша взялá = We have won!
  • Знай нáших! = Now you see what we are made of!
      literal  Know the ours!
  • Служи́ть и нáшим и вáшим = Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds
      literal  Serve both ours and yours
 Related words:
  • по-нáшему = in our way
  • мой = my, mine
  • твой = your, yours (singular)
  • ваш = your, yours (plural)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Наш пострéл вездé поспéл.
  • The scamp has a finger in every pie
  •  literal  Our little rogue has time for everything.
  • Щи да кáша - пи́ща нáша.
  • Our food is tschi and сooked cereal.
  • Было вáшим, стáло нáшим.
  • You've lost it!
  •  literal  It was yours, it became ours.

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