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How to say "even" in Russian

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Meaning: even

Pronunciation: [DAH-zheh]

Part of speech: particle

Rank: #63 (see frequency list)

Even if we come in half an hour, we'll arrive in time to catch the flight.
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 Example sentences:
  • Ты дáже не извини́лся.
  • You didn't even say sorry.
  • Онá былá сáмой лу́чшей студéнткой, но дажé онá не сдалá экзáмен.
  • She was the best student but even she didn't pass the exam.
  • Дáже в такóм состоя́нии он мог продолжáть рабóтать.
  • He could keep working even in that state.
  • Можно дáже сказáть, Тáня краси́вая.
  • One could even say that Tania is pretty.
  • Если дáже мы приéдем чéрез полчасá, мы успéем на самолëт.
  • Even if we come in half an hour, we'll arrive in time to catch the flight.
  • Я дáже и предстáвить себé не мог, что там на сáмом дéле происхóдит.
  • I couldn't even believe what was really happening there.
  • Ты дáже не догáдываешься, что я имéю в виду́?
  • You can't even guess what I mean?
  • Дáже и не ду́май с рабóты уходи́ть!
  • Don't even think of leaving your job!
  • Он не тóлько смея́лся, но дáже издевáлся над ней.
  • He didn't only laugh at her, but he even mocked at her.
  • Я дáже и не знáю, что тебé посовéтовать в такóй ситуáции.
  • I even don't know what advice I could give you in this situation.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • дáже écли = even if

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