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How to say "without" in Russian

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Meaning: without

Pronunciation: [byehs]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #93 (see frequency list)

Why are you not wearing a coat?
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 Example sentences:
  • Почему́ ты хóдишь без пальтó?
  • Why are you not wearing a coat?
  •  literal  Why do you walk without a coat?
  • Мáльчик вырос без роди́телей.
  • The boy grew up without parents.
  • Он был человéком без при́нципов.
  • He was a man without principles.
  • Бéз толку егó cпрáшивать об э́том.
  • It makes no sense to ask him about that.
  •  literal  Without sense ask him about that.
  • Я и без тебя́ прекрácно знáю, что найти́ рабóту тру́дно.
  • I know it perfectly well without you, that it's difficult to find a job.
  • Поспеши́: на часáх ужé без чéтверти три.
  • Hurry up, it's a quarter to three already.
  •  literal  Hurry up: on the clock it's three without a quarter already.
  • Мы женáты без трëх мécяцев пять лет.
  • We've been married for five years less three months.
  • Все без исключéния вы́полнили задáние прáвильно.
  • Everybody without exception did the exercise correctly.
  • Без вас мы не смóжем начáть проéкт.
  • We won't be able to start the project without you. (plural "you")
  • Ветерáны смóгут купи́ть проду́кты без óчереди.
  • The veterans will be able to buy food without waiting.
  •  literal  The veterans will be able to buy products without queue.
  • Ты устáл? Не без тогó.
  • Are you tired? Yes, a little bit.
  •  literal  Are you tired? Yes, not without it.
  • У меня́ и без тогó мнóго рабóты, а тут ещë э́ти перевóды!
  • I really have enough work already, and now I have to do the translations!
  •  literal  I have enough work without it, and now these translations!
  • Когдá они́ жени́лись, онá былá прócто без умá от cчáстья.
  • When they married, she was simply crazy with happiness.
  •  literal  When thay married, she was simply without mind from happiness.
  • Он без концá повторя́ет однó и то же!
  • He is repeating the same things on and on!
  • Мы обойдëмся без вас!
  • We'll do without you!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • без умá = nuts, crazy, enamoured
      literal  without mind
  • без сил = flat-out
      literal  without forces
  • без концá = on and on
      literal  without end
  • без грошá = penniless
  • без трудá = readily
      literal  without effort
  • без зáпаха = inodorous
      literal  without scent
  • без потéрь = lossless
      literal  without losses
  • без поня́тия = clueless
      literal  without idea
  • без рукавóв = sleeveless
      literal  without sleeves
  • без движéния = motionless
      literal  without motion
  • без сознáния = unconscious
      literal  without consciousness
  • без следá = without a trace
  • пропácть бéз вести = to be missing
      literal  disappear without news
  • без глу́постей! = no nonsense now!
      literal  without stupidities!
  • любóвь без взаи́мности = unrequited love, unanswered love
      literal  love without reciprocity
  • ходи́ть без дéла = to idle, to trapse
      literal  to be going without work
  • быть без средств = to have no funds, to be broke
  • болтáть без у́молку = to yammer
      literal  to chat without silence
  • без тогó = already
      literal  without that
  • не без тогó = a little bit
      literal  not without that
 Related words:
  • безобрáзный = ugly, hideous
  • бездéльник = idler
  • безалкогóльный = alcohol-free
  • бездáрный = untalented, ungifted
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Без трудá не вы́тащишь и ры́бку из прудá.
  • No pain, no gain.
  •  literal  You cannot pull a fish out of the pond without work.
  • Мир не без дóбрых людéй.
  • There're many kind people in this world.
  •  literal  The world is not without kind people.
  • Нет ды́ма без огня́.
  • Nothing is stolen without hands.
  •  literal  There is no smoke without fire.
  • Нет ху́да без добрá.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining.
  •  literal  There's no bad without good.

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