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How to say "under" in Russian

This Russian word is one of the top 1000 words in Russian. The complete list of most common Russian words is available here.


Meaning: under, for, near, towards

Pronunciation: [poht]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #68 (see frequency list)

The dog is lying under the table.
Photo by boboroshi CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Собáка лежи́т под столóм.
  • The dog is lying under the table.
  • Постáвь корóбку под кровáть.
  • Put the box under the bed.
  • Часы́ висéли под карти́ной.
  • The clock was hanging under the picture.
  • Жeнá взялá меня́ пóд руку, и мы пошли́ к адвокáту.
  • My wife took my arm, and the went to the lawyer.
  • Под нáми живу́т óчень беспокóйные лю́ди.
  • There are very unquiet people living downstairs.
  •  literal  There are very unquiet people living under us.
  • Ви́дно бы́ло, как пoдо льдóм течëт водá.
  • You could see the water flowing under the ice.
  •  literal  It was seen how the water flew under the ice.
  • Ты попáл под дождь?
  • Were you caught in the rain?
  •  literal  Were you caught under the rain?
  • Пóле в э́том году́ бы́ло под картóфелем.
  • The field was under potatoes this year.
  • Расскажи́те о би́тве под Москвóй.
  • Tell me about the battle of Moscow.
  •  literal  Tell about the battle under Moscow.
  • Под вéчер у негó поднялácь температу́ра.
  • Towards evening his temperature grew higher.
  • Ей ужé под пятьдеся́т, а вы́глядит на сóрок!
  • She is nearly fifty already, but she looks like forty!
  •  literal  She is under fifty already, but she looks like forty.
  • Под каку́ю му́зыку ты танцу́ешь?
  • What music do you prefer for dancing?
  •  literal  Under what music do you dance?
  • Он престу́пник, ну́жно отдáть его под суд.
  • He is a criminal, he must be prosecuted.
  •  literal  He is a criminal, it is necessary to give him up under justice.
  • Колóнны бы́ли сдéланы под мрáмор.
  • Columns were made as a marble imitation.
  •  literal  Columns were made under marble.
  • Оперáция былá проведенá под наркóзом.
  • The operation was carried out under anaesthetic.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • под нócом = сlose to smb
      literal  under smb's nose
  • под бóком = close to smb
      literal  under smb's side
  • под рукóй = close to smb
      literal  under smb's hand
  • под коммáндованием = under the command
  • под апплодисмéнты = to the applause
      literal  under the applauses
  • под диктóвку = from dictation
  • попácть пол обстрéл = come under fire
  • взять под контрóль = take under one's control
  • взять под стрáжу = take into custody
  • отдáть под суд = prosecute
      literal  to give up under justice
  • вы́дать под залóг = give smth against a pledge
  • писáть под псевдони́мом = write under pseudonym
  • бы́ть под каблукóм у когó-ли́бо = be under smb's thumb
      literal  be under smb's heel
 Related words:
  • Подмоскóвье = Moscow region
  • подзéмный = underground
  • подстáвка = support
  • поднебécье = skies
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Под лежáчий кáмень водá не течëт.
  • No pains, no gains.
  •  literal  Water doesn't flow under a lying stone.
  • Плясáть смóлоду учи́сь, под стáрость не нау́чишься.
  • Don't waste time in vain.
  •  literal  Learn how to dance when you are young, you won't be able to do it when you are old.
  • Кто бывáл на конé, тот бывáл и под конëм.
  • Life is changeable.
  •  literal  He who was on the horse, also was under the horse.

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