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How to say "in" in Russian

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Meaning: in, at, to, exactly

Pronunciation: [voh]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #83 (see frequency list)

He's been to France recently.
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 Example sentences:
  • Недáвно он был во Фрáнции.
  • He's been to France recently.
  • Cкóлько стóит обучéние во францу́зском университéте?
  • How much does a degree in a French university cost?
  • Когдá началácь войнá во Вьетнáме?
  • When did the war in Vietnam start?
  • Во мне совсéм нет агрéccии.
  • I don't feel any agression at all.
  •  literal  In me there's no agression at all.
  • Внезáпно гóрод погрузи́лся во тьму́.
  • Suddenly the city immersed into darkness.
  • Он интересовáлся жи́знью во всех еë рáкурсах.
  • He was interested in all aspects of life.
  •  literal  He was interested in life in all its aspects.
  • У вас неприя́тное ощущéние во рту?
  • Do you have an unpleasant sensation in the mouth?
  • Нéкоторые учëные ду́мают, что мы не одни́ во Вселéнной.
  • Some scientists think that we're not alone in the Universe.
  • Во, отли́чное плáтье, тебé идëт!
  • Wow, it's a cool dress, it looks good on you. (note: particle, not a preposition)
  • Во-во! Тóчно ненормáльный!
  • Exactly! He's really crazy! (note: particle, not a preposition)
  • Пáша - прекрácный пáрень, во!
  • Pasha is a wonderful guy, he's cool! (note: particle, not a preposition)
  • Во, я так и думал.
  • Exactly, that's what I though. (note: particle, not a preposition)

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • во! = cool, super
  • во-во! = exactly
  • во = here
  • во даëт! = isn't that super!
  • пусти́ться во все тя́жкие = cast prudence to the winds
      literal  plunge into all the grave
  • во всех уголкáх ми́ра = everywhere
      literal  in all the corners of the world
 Related words:
  • в = in, at
  • вот = here, exactly
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Во вся́ком мудрецé довóльно простоты́.
  • In each wiseman there is enough simplicity.
  • Во сне ви́дел, а наяву́ прозевáл.
  • I saw it in a dream, but I lost it in reality.
  • Во хмелю́ что хошь намелю́, а просну́сь - отопру́сь.
  • When I am drunk I can say whatever I want, but when I wake up, I will deny it.

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