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How to say "whether" in Russian

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Meaning: whether, if

Pronunciation: [lee]

Part of speech: conjunction, particle

Rank: #89 (see frequency list)

I need to know if he's handsome.
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 Example sentences:
  • Онá не знáeт, был ли он там.
  • She doesn't know if he was there.
  •  literal  She doesn't know whether he was there.
  • Я не пóмню, ви́дел ли я э́того человéка.
  • I don't remember whether I saw this person. (said by male)
  • Спроси́ мáму, смотрéла ли онá передáчу.
  • Ask the mother if she watched the program.
  • Мне ну́жно знать, краси́в ли он.
  • I need to know if he's handsome.
  • Петя поинтересовáлся, бы́стро ли они́ добрáлись.
  • Petya asked if they got there fast.
  • Вряд ли мы успéeм на урóк.
  • I doubt that we'll come in time for the lesson.
  • Снег ли, дождь ли, он стоя́л под eë окнóм.
  • Whether is was raining or snowing, he was standing under her window.
  • Не хоти́те ли вы попрóбовать нáшего пирогá?
  • Would you like to taste our pie?
  • Знáeшь ли ты, как вáжно э́то собы́тие?
  • Do you know to what extent this event is important? (informal)
  • Вчерá я лëг чуть ли не в три нóчи!
  • Yesterday I went to bed nearly at 3 o'clock in the morning!
  • Мáло ли! Мнóгие тяжелó рабóтают и не жáлуйся!
  • And what? Lots of people work hard and don't complain!
  • Непонятно: то ли онá плáчет, то ли смеëтся.
  • It's not clear whether she's crying or laughing.
  • Я ли тебé фру́кты не покупáла, я ли тебé лекáрства не носи́ла, когдá ты болéл!
  • Didn't I buy you fruit, didn't I bring you the medicine when you were ill?
  • Стáнет ли еду́ готóвить, обязáтельно всë испóртит.
  • Would she start cooking, she'll just spoil everything.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • вряд ли = it's improbable
  • едвá ли = it's improbable
  • ой ли = it's improbable
  • мáло ли = so what?
  • чуть ли = almost, nearly
  • то ли...то ли = whether...or
 Related words:
  • ль = if, whether
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Паду́ ли я, стрелóй пронзённый, Иль ми́мо пролети́т онá (А.С.Пушкин).
  • Then if I fall, struck by doom's arrow, Or if its flight sends it winging past. (A.S.Pushkin)

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