Russian Prepositions

Below is a list of Russian prepositions grouped by the frequency of use. It is always a good idea to learn the most common prepositions first because you will encounter them in many situations when speaking Russian. Click on a preposition for additional information and examples of use.

Very common prepositions

в / во (into, to, in, at)
за (behind, beyond)
из (from)
к (towards)
на (onto, to)
о/об (about)
от (from)
по (along, according to)
с (with, from, since)
у (by)

Common prepositions

без (without)
для (for)
до (until, before)
между (between)
над (over)
перед (in front of, before)
под (under)
после (after)
при (at the time of)
через (across, through)

Least common prepositions

вдоль (along)
вместо (instead of)
благодаря (thanks to, owing to)
возле (near)
вокруг (around)
из-за (from behind, because of)
из-под (from under)
кроме (except)
мимо (past)
несмотря на (in spite of)
около (near, approximately)
прежде (before)
про (about)
против (against)
ради (for the sake of)
сквозь (through)
спустя (after)
среди (between)

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