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How to say "past" in Russian

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Meaning: past, by, miss, missed

Pronunciation: [MEE-mah]

Part of speech: preposition

Rank: #566 (see frequency list)

Why have you passed me by?
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 Example sentences:
  • Почему́ ты прошëл ми́мо меня́?
  • Why have you passed me by?
  • Подходи́те! Не проходи́те ми́мо!
  • Please, come up! Don't pass by!
  • Мы случáйно проéхали ми́мо вáшего дóма.
  • We accidentally missed your house.
  •  literal  We accidentally passed your house by driving.
  • Ну что, попáл? Нет, ми́мо.
  • So, have I hit the target? No, missed.
  •  literal  So, have I hit? No, missed.
  • Как же так! Ты проходи́л ми́мо нáшего дóма, а в гócти не зашëл.
  • How can it be! You were passing our house by, but you didn't come round.
  • К счácтью, грозá прошлá ми́мо.
  • Fortunately, the storm didn't break out.
  •  literal  Fortunately, the storm passed by.
  • Как смешнó! Он сел ми́мо сту́ла!
  • How funny it is! He missed the chair.
  •  literal  How funny! He sat past the chair.
  • Дирéктор прошëл ми́мо э́той тéмы.
  • The director didn't mention this issue.
  •  literal  The director passed this issue by.
  • Мои́ совéты пролетéли ми́мо ушéй.
  • My advice hasn't been followed.
  •  literal  My advice flew by the ears.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • бить ми́мо = miss (a target)
      literal  hit by
  • попадáть ми́мо = miss (a target)
      literal  hit by
  • ми́мо = missed!
      literal  by!
  • ми́мо цéли = beside the mark
      literal  by the target
 Related words:
  • мимохóдом = in passing
  • мимолëтный = transient
  • мимолëтом = flying by
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Люби́ нас, а ходи́ ми́мо
  • You can love us, but don't interfere in our personal life.
  •  literal  Love us, but go by.
  • Всë идëт хорошó, только ми́мо.
  • Life is short, carpe diem.
  •  literal  Everything is good, but it is going by.
  • Шëл ми́мо, зашëл, где ми́ло.
  • I was going by and I came round to a nice place.

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