Free Russian Audio Podcasts

It's never been easier to learn Russian! Simply listen to free Russian podcasts in your car, at home or on the go. Each podcast is a short audio lesson, usually 3 to 15 minutes long, that will teach you new Russian words, expressions, slang, and culture.

Available on MasterRussian in partnership with Ruspod, a podcast hub specializing in teaching Russian through audio podcasts, text lessons, and exercises.

Short Podcasts for Beginners

Girls and Women
Want to learn to talk to a Russian girl? For starters, let's go through the different ways to adress a woman that exist in Russian. Listen to this episode and don't say we haven't warned you about some crucial mistakes you might make and sadden a girl of your interest!

Davai - Let's, Sure, Come on
The Russian word "Davai" (or its formal counterpart "Davaite") might look short but it has a whole lot of meanings. Listen to this podcast to learn them all, starting with "Let's", as in "Let's do it" to "Come on!" and "Bye!".

God is with it!
There are numerous idioms that Russians use to say they don't care about something. This audio podcast teaches a subtle difference between the expressions "God is with it" and "Devil is with it." You will also learn how to say "God" and "devil" in Russian.

Hi and Goodbye in Russian
Russian greetings might get tricky because of the differences between the formal and the informal Russian speech. Listen to this short podcast to learn different ways to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Russian depending on how formal or informal you need to be.

Calendar: Yesterday, today, tomorrow
To talk about past, present and future you need to know how to say the words "yesterday" and "tomorrow" in Russian. This short podcast will teach you exactly that and other useful names for days.

Boys and Men
Know a proper way to address a male in Russian. Just like with girls and women, there are different ways to address men in Russian, ranging from simply "a boy" to a specifically Russian concept of a muzhik.

Extended Podcasts

Russian Shopping Podcast
This 17-minute podcast for beginners teaches Russian shopping phrases and grammar, including the expressions that will help you to point at objects in a shop (this/that, here/there).

Got questions?

Ask them in the Russian Questions and Answers — a place for students, teachers and native Russian speakers to discuss Russian grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and other aspects of the Russian language.

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Word: любой
Meaning: any, each, every
Pronunciation: [lyoo-BOY]
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Russian: Закрыто
English: Closed


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