Hi and Goodbye in Russian

Russian Podcast for Beginners

Russian greetings might get tricky because of the differences between the formal and the informal Russian speech. This short podcast from Ruspod teaches several different ways to say "Hello" and "Goodbye" in Russian depending on situation.

This podcast is prepared by Ruspod, a podcast hub specializing in teaching Russian through audio podcasts, text lessons, and exercises. Visit Ruspod for more free and premium podcasts.


The full podcast is 6 minutes 34 seconds long. Enjoy!


Russian word   English translation   Pronunciation
ПриветHi (informal)pree-VYEHT
ПокаBye (informal)pah-KAH
ДавайBye (informal, an alternative to "пока") dah-VAI
ЗдравствуйтеHello (formal or plural)ZDRAH-stvooy-tyeh
До свиданияGoodbye (formal/polite or plural)dah svee-DAH-nee-yah
СчастливоGood luck! (informal, an alternative to "пока")schahs-LEE-vah

Formal and informal Russian speech

Besides simple greetings, the idea of formal and informal Russian speech extends to the propper way of addressing people in Russian - you can either use the formal "you" (Вы) or the informal "you" (ты). You should also know these Russian rules of politeness to decide whether to call someone by his or her first name or a combination of the first name and patronymic to sound more polite. This podcast is just the beginning, so keep going and learn a few more Russian greetings including Доброе утро (Good morning) and Kak dela (How's things).

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Meaning: law, act, statute
Pronunciation: [zuh-KOHN]

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