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Want to learn to talk to a Russian girl? For starters, let's go through the different ways to address a woman that exist in Russian. Listen to this episode and don't say we haven't warned you about some crucial mistakes you might make and sadden a girl of your interest!

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The full podcast is 6 minutes 40 seconds long. Enjoy!

Vocabulary (with extras)

Audio Russian word   English translation   Pronunciation

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девочкаa girl (a child)D'EH-vohch-kah

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девушкаa girl (a young woman);
a girlfriend (colloquial)

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женщинаa womanZHEHN-schee-nah

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бабушкаan old lady; a grandmotherBAH-boosh-kah

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женаa wifezhih-NAh

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женскийfemale (adjective)ZHEN-skeey

Some of the words above can be used to generally address a female in Russian. For example, Девушка! is a common way to call for a waitress of any age at a restaurant or a salesgirl at a store. The word девушка is also used to refer to a girlfriend, as in моя девушка (my girlfriend) or моя русская девушка (my Russian girlfriend).

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