Words and Phrases

Russian Phrase Book
A nice phrase book full of phrases for general situations, eating out, shopping, hotel registration, and visiting a doctor.

Greetings in Russian
All the Russian greetings to begin with.

Farewells in Russian
All the Russian farewells you will need for a start.

Russian Holidays
Do you know all national Russians holidays? Find out on this speaking page about Russian holidays.

1000 Most Common Russian Words
Discover the frequency list of top thousand Russian words and their English translations. Learning most used words early in you your Russian study will have a significant impact on your mastery of the Russian language.

Days of the Week
Russian calendars mark Monday as the beginning of the week. Here are all the words you need for days of the week—from Monday to Sunday, plus a few extras to help you talk about your schedule and calendar activities.

Months of the Year
Learn how to say the months of the year in Russian. Find out the difference between the old-style and new-style calendars.

Seasons of the Year
Learn how to say the seasons of the year in Russian. This lesson includes pronunciation, examples, related adjectives, and notes on using the instrumental case with seasons.

Russian for Dating and Relationships
Learn some key words and phrases for speaking Russian in romantic relationships. The lesson consists of three sections for different stages in relationships.

Russian Wedding and Marriage
Russian vocabulary for wedding and marriage. This lesson will teach you Russian words for "bride", "groom", "newlyweds", "wedding ring", "bachelor party", and more.

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Word: комната
Meaning: room
Pronunciation: [KOHM-nah-tah]

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Russian: Аптека
English: Drug store


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