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Hello, and welcome to this Russian lesson on the topic of dating! Today you'll learn some key words and phrases for speaking Russian in romantic relationships. The lesson is broken up into 3 sections, for different stages in relationships. It's an interactive lesson, so listen to the phrases being spoken and repeat them aloud during the pause.

Ok, let's begin!

Beginning a Relationship – Expressing Interest

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English  Russian Pronunciation
Are you dating anyone? У тебя кто-то есть? (oo ti-bya kto-ta yest)
I'd like to get better acquainted with you. * Я хотел бы познакомиться с Вами получше. (ya ha-tyel biy pa-zna-ko-mit'-sya sva-mi pa-looch-she)
Would you like to go out with me? Не хотели бы Вы пойти куда-нибудь со мной? (nye ha-tye-li biy viy paiy-tee koo-da-ni-bood' sa mnoy)
How can I get in contact with you? Как я смогу связаться с тобой? (kak ya sma-goo svi-zat'-sya sta-boy)
What's your telephone number? Какой у тебя телефон? (ka-koy oo ti-bya ti-li-fon)
What's your cell phone number? Какой у тебя мобильник? (ka-koy oo ti-bya ma-beel'-nik)
What's your postal address? Какой у тебя почтовый адрес? (ka-koy oo ti-bya pach-to-viy a-dryes)
What's your email address? Какой у тебя имейл?
Какой у тебя адрес электронной почты?
Какое у тебя мыло? (slang)
(ka-koy oo ti-bya e-mail)
(ka-koy oo ti-bya ahd-rees e-leek-tron-nay poch-ti)
(ka-ko-ye oo ti-bya miy-la) - slang
What time shall I call you? Когда тебе позвонить? (kag-da ti-bye pa-zva-neet')
Where shall we meet? Где мы встретимся? (gdye miy fstrye-tim-sya)
I can't wait to see you Терпеть не могу увидеть тебя. (tir-pyet' nye ma-goo oo-vee-dit' ti-bya)
When can I see you again? Когда я увижу тебя опять? (kag-da ya oo-vee-zhoo ti-bya ap-yat')

* Please note, phrases marked with an asterisk (*) are spoken in this lesson from the viewpoint of a man speaking to a woman. These phrases will vary slightly (using the feminine endings) if you are a woman speaking to a man.

Review useful words

  • у тебя = you have / do you have (lit: at you)
  • познакомиться = to get acquainted
  • телефон = telephone (number)
  • мобильник = cell phone (number)
  • почтовый адрес = postal address
  • мыло = (slang) email
  • увидеть = to see
  • терпеть = to have patience
  • какой = what, which

Lesson Index

  1. Beginning a Relationship – Expressing Interest
  2. New Relationships – Giving Compliments
  3. Serious Relationships – Love Phrases

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