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This is the second part of the lesson for speaking Russian in romantic relationships. Here you will learn some key words and phrases for new relationships and giving compliments in Russian. Again, it's an interactive lesson, so listen to the phrases being spoken and repeat them aloud during the pause.

New Relationships – Giving Compliments

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English  Russian Pronunciation
You look nice. Ты выглядишь симпатично. (tiy viy-gli-dish' sim-pa-teech'-na)
You look great. Ты выглядишь прекрасно. (tiy viy-gli-dish' pri-kras-na)
You look beautiful. Ты выглядишь красиво. (tiy viy-gli-dish' kra-see-va)
You have wonderful eyes. У тебя удивительные глаза. (oo ti-bya oo-di-vee-til'-niy-ye gla-za)
You have such beautiful blue eyes. У тебя такие прекрасные голубые глаза. (oo ti-bya ta-kee-ye pri-kras-niy-ye ga-loo-biy-ye gla-za)
You have a very pretty smile. У тебя очень красивая улыбка. (oo ti-bya o-chin' kra-see-va-ya oo-liyp-ka)
You have such a beautiful face. У тебя такое красивое лицо. (oo ti-bya ta-ko-ye kra-see-va-ye li-tso)
You're very beautiful. * Ты очень красивая. (tiy o-chin' kra-see-va-ya)
You are so kind. * Ты добрая. (tiy do-bra-ya)
You're such a kind-hearted person. Ты такой тёплый человек. (tiy ta-koy tyop-liy chi-la-vyek)
You're a very intelligent person. * Ты очень умная. (tiy o-chin' oom-na-ya)
I'm very attracted to you. Ты меня очень привлекаешь. (tiy min-ya o-chin' pri-vli-ka-yish')

* Please note, phrases marked with an asterisk (*) are spoken in this lesson from the viewpoint of a man speaking to a woman. These phrases will vary slightly (using the feminine endings) if you are a woman speaking to a man.

Review useful words

  • ты выглядишь = you look (informal)
  • симпатично = nice (adverb)
  • прекрасно = great, perfectly well (adverb)
  • красиво = beautiful (adverb)
  • прекрасный = wonderful
  • глаз = eye (singular)
  • глаза = eyes (plural)
  • лицо = face
  • очень = very
  • добрый = kind (to a male)
  • добрая = kind (to a female)
  • умный = intelligent (to a male)
  • умная = intelligent (to a female)
  • привлекать = to attract

Lesson Index

  1. Beginning a Relationship – Expressing Interest
  2. New Relationships – Giving Compliments
  3. Serious Relationships – Love Phrases

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