Russian Recipes

Here you will find original Russian recipes with a personal flare. Not only you will learn how to cook Kulich for Pasha but you will also discover such dishes as Rassolnik, Studynyna Riba, Piroghi, Blini, Kletsky, and Summer Borshch.

Beef Stroganoff
Learn how to cook Beef Stroganoff – a famous Russian meat dish named after Russian diplomat and aristocrat, Count Stroganov.

Kulich - Russian Sweetbread
A recipe for Russian "Easter cake". You can either eat it blessed before breakfast each day, or serve with Paskha for dessert if not blessed.

Pirog - Ukrainian Pie - Pyrih
Learn how to cook pirog – a Ukrainian pie with either a sweet or savoury filling. Pirogi (plural) are full-sized pies as compared to individual-sized buns called pyrizhky or pirozhki.

Black Bread - Rye Bread
A recipe for cooking rye bread which is also known as "black bread" in Russia. Black bread is made of rye flour, water, salt, and other ingredients.

Russian Borsch
A recipe for cooking borsch, the beetroot soup popular in many Russian and Ukrainian families.

Blini - Russian Pancakes
Learn how to cook blini, the thin Russian pancakes made of yeast dough, served with different fillings and topped with sour cream or butter.

Kvass - Russian Bread Drink
A recipe for making your own kvass, a fermented beverage made from black rye or rye bread. Kvass is very popular in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, and other Eastern and Central European countries.

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Word: давно
Meaning: long ago, a long time ago, for a long time
Pronunciation: [dahv-NOH]
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Russian: Столовая. Продуктовый магазин. Закусочная.
English: Canteen. Grocery store. Snack.


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