Russian Men

Russian men
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Most Russian families prepare their boys to become future men since the early childhood. Parents encourage their sons to play with toy guns and rejoice when boys can stand up for themselves. Every Russian man internalizes such principles as not letting others to hurt himself or his family, being able to physically challenge an attacker, protecting the weak, and always resisting an urge to cry.

Behind the brick wall

Although not every Russian man manages to correspond to the values imposed by the society, most Russian males strongly believe that their calling in life is to protect and provide for their family, support their parents, children and wife. Russians even have a saying to describe men - как за каменной стеной which means "as if behind the stone wall". The saying is used in the sense that a man is strong and reliable like a solid wall behind which a woman can hide and forget all her fears and worries.

Gentle and romantic

Despite everything, Russian men are very romantic at heart. They are capable of experiencing deep feelings and know how to be loyal and faithful. When a woman awards her beloved one with affection the man becomes caring and gentle, gives flowers and presents to his darling. Russian men feel shy about their weaknesses and rarely open their heart before strangers. However they stay open to their wives and are able to address any concern.

Career and success

In Russia, it is traditionally believed that a man must be more successful at work as compared to a woman. Building a career is easier for males and they usually earn higher salaries as compared to females. Still there is no absolute guarantee against economic difficulties. If a man fails to succeed in life he can experience difficult times, which in turn causes increased alcohol consumption to relieve the effects of stress. During such difficult times, it is important for Russian men to find support from the loved ones who can understand and support the man.

Male friendships and entertainment for men

Russian men place great importance on friendships. In Russia, men tend to build their friendships for years and male friends often become as close as relatives. The companies of male friends often entertain themselves with such traditional activities for men as fishing and hunting. Fishing and hunting are the hobbies of practically all men in Russia. Russian women do not normally participate in these traditionally masculine activities, preferring to stay at home and wait patiently for their husbands to come back.

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