How to Determine the Conjugation of the Russian Verb

Depending on the ending type Russian verbs are divided into two groups: first conjugation verbs and second conjugation verbs. The majority of verbs belongs to the first conjugation group. Here's a simple way to find out the conjugation of Russian verbs.

Here's How:

  1. Find the infinitive form of the verb. Use your dictionary. All verbs are shown in the infinitive form in the dictionary.
  2. The verb belongs to the first conjugation group if the infinitive ends in -ать, -ять, -еть, -овать or -нуть.
  3. The verb belongs to the second conjugation group if the infinitive
    ends in -ить.
  4. For verbs ending in particle -ся or -сь, you need to remove the particle and perform the steps 2-3.


  1. A quicker but more difficult way is to consider the 2nd person singular verb form.
  2. If the verb ends in -ешь or -ёшь, it is the first conjugation verb.
  3. If the verb ends in -ишь, it is the second conjugation verb.

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