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How to say "law" in Russian

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Meaning: law, act, statue

Pronunciation: [zuh-KOHN]   IPA: [zɐˈkon]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #491 (see frequency list)

According to the law they have to put him into prison.
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 Example sentences:
  • Закóн прирóды еди́н для всех.
  • The law of nature in the same for everyone.
  •  literal  The law of nature is one for everyone.
  • По закóну они́ должны́ посади́ть егó в тюрьму́.
  • According to the law they have to put him into prison.
  • Какóй избирáтельный закóн Росси́и?
  • What electoral law is there in Russia?
  • Я никогдá не понимáл закóны фи́зики.
  • I've never understood the laws of physics.
  • В э́том году́ был и́здан нóвый свод закóнов.
  • This year a new legal code was published.
  • Престу́пник нécколько раз нарушáл закóн.
  • The criminal broke the law several times.
  • Онá находи́лась вне закóна в своéй странé.
  • She was outlaw in her own country.
  • Ну́жно иметь в виду́, что существу́ют тáкже и непи́санные закóны.
  • One has to take into consideration that there are also undeclared rules.
  •  literal  One has to take into consideration that unwritten laws also exist.
  • Он был ворóм в закóне.
  • He was a kingpin.
  • Твоë решéние для меня́ закóн.
  • Your decision is my command.
  •  literal  Your decision is a law for me.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • закóн прирóды = law of nature
  • закóны матемáтики = laws of mathematics
  • избирáтельный закóн = electoral law
  • по закóну = according to the law
  • и́менем закóна = in the name of the law
  • статья́ закóна = an article of law
  • свод закóнов = legal code
  • издáть закóн = to issue a law
      literal  to publish a law
  • нару́шить закóн = to break the law
  • соблюдáть закóны = to observe the law
  • объяви́ть вне закóна = to outlaw
      literal  to declare out of law
  • закóны гостеприи́мства = laws of hospitality
  • Закóн Бóжий = religion
      literal  God's law
  • закóн не пи́сан кому-либо = the law is not written for smb
  • воровскóй закóн = the law of the underworld
      literal  thief's law
  • вор в закóне = kingpin
      literal  a thief in law
  • закóн бутербрóда = Murphy's Law
      literal  sandwich law
 Related words:
  • закóнный = legal
  • незакóнный = illegal
  • законодáтель = a legistator
  • законодáтельный = legislative
  • прáвило = a rule
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Дуракáм закóн не пи́сан.
  • Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
  •  literal  There's no written law for fools.
  • Не бóйся закóна, бóйся судьи́.
  • Don't be afraid of law, be afraid of judge.
  • Не знай закóна, не знáет и грехá.
  • If you don't know the laws, you don't know what the sin is.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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