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How to say "one can see" in Russian

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Meaning: one can see, apparently, probably, to be in sight, it is clear, one can tell

Pronunciation: [VEED-nuh]

Part of speech: adverb (can be used as a predicate (to see) or parenthesis (apparently))

Rank: #421 (see frequency list)

As its name indicates, the film is about St.Petersburg palaces.
Photo by tetrabrain, licensed under CC SA 2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Тебя́ давнó не ви́дно, где ты был?
  • I haven't seen you for a long time.where were you?
  •  literal  One hasn't seen you for a long time, where were you?
  • Автóбуса ещë не ви́дно.
  • The bus is not yet in sight.
  • Концá рабóты ещë не ви́дно.
  • The work's end is not yet in sight.
  • Тебé хорошó ви́дно?
  • Can you see well?
  • Мне совсëм ничегó не ви́дно.
  • I can't see anything.
  • Он, ви́дно, óчень рóбкий человéк.
  • Apparently, he is shy.
  •  literal  Apparently, he is a shy person.
  • Бы́ло ви́дно, что преподавáтель не подготóвил урóк.
  • It was clear that the teacher did not prepare the lesson.
  • Никаки́х следóв нé было ви́дно.
  • No tracks could be seen.
  • Потóм посмóтрим, там бу́дет ви́дно.
  • We will see what to do later, the future will show.
  •  literal  We will see it later, it will be seen.
  • Как ви́дно из назвáния, в фи́льме идëт речь о дворцáх Петербу́рга.
  • As its name indicates, the film is about St.Petersburg palaces.
  •  literal  As you can see from its name, the film is about St.Petersburg palaces.
  • Воéнного всегдá ви́дно по похóдке.
  • You can tell a military man by the way he walks.
  • Ви́дно по глазáм, что ты врëшь.
  • I can tell by your eyes that you are lying.
  •  literal  One can see from your eyes that you are lying.
  • По всему́ ви́дно, что их здесь дóлго нé было.
  • Everything points to the fact they haven't been here for a long time.
  •  literal  One call tell from everything, they haven't been here for a long time.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • как ви́дно = apparently, evidently
      literal  as one can see
  • как ви́дно из = as follows (from)
      literal  as one can see from
  • по всему́ ви́дно, что... = everything points to the fact that...
      literal  one can tell from everything that...
  • там бу́дет ви́дно = the future will show
      literal  it will be seen then
 Related words:
  • поня́тно = evident, clear
  • очеви́дно = evident, clear
  • вид = look, appearance
  • ви́димый = visible, obvious
  • по-ви́димому = apparently
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Ви́дно пти́цу по полëту.
  • A bird may be known by its flight.
  • Гópе что мópe, и берегóв не ви́дно.
  • Grief is like a sea, and you can't see the coast.
  • Из-за ветвéй и вóлка не ви́дно.
  • Even a wolf can't be seen from behind the branches.

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