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How to say "century" in Russian

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Meaning: century, age, lifetime, epoch

Pronunciation: [vyek]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #457 (see frequency list)

I'd like to live in the Middle Ages.
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 Example sentences:
  • Я счита́ю, двадца́тый век был тяжёлым.
  • I think the 20th century was difficult.
  • Телефо́н был изобретён в девятна́дцатом ве́ке.
  • Telephone was invented in the 19th century.
  • Я бы хоте́л жить в Сре́дние векá.
  • I'd like to live in the Middle Ages.
  • Она́ мно́го повида́ла не своëм веку́.
  • She has seen much in her lifetime
  • Семëн Петрóвич уе́хал дожива́ть свой век в дере́вню.
  • Semion Petrovich decided to spend the rest of his life in a village.
  •  literal  Semion Petrovich went to spend the rest of his life to a village.
  • Ро́ма, я це́лый век тебя́ не ви́дел, как ты?
  • Roma, I haven't seen you for ages, how are you?
  •  literal  Roma, I haven't seen you the whole century, how are you?
  • Никогда́ тебя́ не забу́ду, век бу́ду по́мнить.
  • I'll never forget you, I'll remember you all my life.
  •  literal  I'll never forget you, I'll remember you for a century.
  • В ко́и-то ве́ки ты на да́чу собра́лся?
  • I can't believe you're going to the country house!
  •  literal  In what centuries are you going to dacha?
  • Счита́ется, что девятна́дцатый век - Золото́й век ру́сской литерату́ры.
  • They say that the 19th century is the Golden century of the Russian literature.
  • Сейча́с осо́бенно ва́жно идти́ в но́гу с ве́ком.
  • It's now really important to keep pace with the century.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • ка́менный век = the Stone Age
  • бро́нзовый век = the Bronze Age
  • желе́зный век = the Iron Age
  • Сре́дние века́ = the Middle Ages
  • на моëм веку́ = in my lifetime
  • отжи́ть свой век = go out of fashion
      literal  live out one's lifetime
  • на наш век хва́тит = it will last our time
  • век не вида́лись = not see each other for ages
      literal  not see each other for a century
  • в ко́и-то ве́ки = once in a blue moon
      literal  in what centuries
  • во ве́ки веко́в = for ever and ever
      literal  in centuries of centuries
  • на векá = for centuries to come
      literal  for centuries
  • на ве́ки ве́чные = forever
      literal  for eternal centuries
  • жить в векáх = live through the ages
      literal  live in the centuries
  • ограбле́ние ве́ка = the robbery of the century
 Related words:
  • столе́тие = century
  • ве́чный = eternal
  • веково́й = century-long
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Век живи́ - век учи́сь.
  • Live and learn.
  •  literal  Live for a century and learn for a century.
  • Лу́чше во́все не жени́ться, чем с жено́ю век брани́ться.
  • It's better not to marry at all than quarelling with your wife all the time.
  • Красота́ до ве́чера, а доброта́ - на век.
  • Beauty lasts till the evening, and kindness lasts for a century.
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