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How to say "corner" in Russian

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Meaning: corner, angle

Pronunciation: [OO-guhl]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #452 (see frequency list)

My house is at the corner.
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 Example sentences:
  • Мой дом - на углу́.
  • My house is at the corner.
  • Вéник стои́т в углу́.
  • The broom is in the corner.
  •  literal  The broom is standing in the corner.
  • Дéвочка вы́глянула из-за углá.
  • The girl looked out from behind the corner.
  • Не удáрься об у́гол столá.
  • Be careful with the table corner.
  •  literal  Don't strike yourself against the table corner.
  • Я не слу́шался, и мáма постáвила меня́ в у́гол.
  • I didn't listen to my mum, and she made me stand in the corner.
  •  literal  I didn't obey; and Mum put me into the corner.
  • Здесь у нас тупóй у́гол, а здесь - ócтрый.
  • We have a blunt angle there, and here there's a sharp one.
  • Cлáва Бóгу, что у них есть свой сóбственный у́гол.
  • Thanks God they have their own place to live in.
  •  literal  Thanks God, they have their own corner.
  • Банди́т вы́стрелил из-за углá.
  • The criminal shot underhandedly.
  •  literal  The criminal shot from around the corner.
  • Углы́ ну́жно срéзать.
  • You have to cut the corners off.
  •  literal  It's necessary to cut the corners off.
  • Начáльник ходи́л из углá в у́гол.
  • The boss was pacing up and down.
  •  literal  The boss was walking from corner to corner.
  • Маши́на заверну́ла зá угол.
  • The car turned around the corner.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • под прямы́м углóм = at right angles
      literal  below a right angle
  • иметь свой (сóбственный) у́гол = have a place of one's own
      literal  to have your own corner
  • у́гол зрения = point of view
      literal  angle of vision
  • глухóй у́гол = godforsaken place
      literal  deaf corner
  • медвéжий у́гол = godforsaken place
      literal  bear corner
  • загнáть в у́гол = drive into a corner
  • зáгнутые углы́ = dog-eared pages
      literal  bent corners
  • из-за углá = on the sly
      literal  from round the corner
  • ходи́ть из углá в у́гол = pace back and forth; pace up and down
      literal  go from corner to corner
  • шептáться по углáм = talk in whispers
      literal  whisper in the corners
  • тупóй угол = blunt angle
  • прямóй угол = right angle
  • óстрый угол = sharp angle
  • углы́ губ = mouth corners
      literal  lip corners
  • кричáть на всех углáх = boast
      literal  shout at all the corners
  • из-за углá = from round the corner, from behind the corner
      literal  from corner
 Related words:
  • треугóльник = triangle
  • пяти́угóльник = pentagon
  • уголóк = small corner
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Без дéла сиди́т да в пустóй у́гол гляди́т.
  • One is an idler.
  •  literal  One has nothing to do and is staring at an empty corner.
  • Говори́т с у́ха нá ухо, а слы́шно с углá нá угол.
  • One speaks to one's ear, but it can be heard everywhere.
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