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How to say "difficult" in Russian

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Meaning: difficult, hard, with difficulty

Pronunciation: [TROOD-nuh]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #601 (see frequency list)

It's hard to start working after holidays.
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 Example sentences:
  • У нас сейчác тру́дно с деньгáми.
  • We are facing financial problems now.
  •  literal  We have difficulties with money now.
  • Ей тру́дно: у неë чéтверо детéй.
  • She has a hard life: she's got four children.
  • Им тру́дно пócле смéрти отцá.
  • They're having difficult times after the death of their father.
  • Мне тру́дно дышáть.
  • I have breathing difficulties.
  •  literal  It's difficult to breath for me.
  • Тру́дно повéрить, что он такóй пессими́ст.
  • It's hard to believe that he's such a pessimist.
  • Тру́дно сказáть, что у них там произошлó.
  • It's hard to tell what happened to them.
  •  literal  It's hard to tell what happened to them there.
  • Ему́ тру́дно поня́ть, что у людéй бывáют проблéмы.
  • It's hard to understand for him that people can have problems.
  • Вам не тру́дно откры́ть окнó?
  • Could you open the window, please?
  •  literal  Is it not difficult for you to open the window?
  • Тру́дно начинáть рабóтать пócле óтпуска.
  • It's hard to start working after holidays.
  • Переговóры шли тру́дно.
  • The negotiations were making difficult progress.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • мне тру́дно = I'm in difficulty
  • тру́дно повéрить = hard to believe
  • тру́дно сказáть = hard to tell
  • тру́дно предстáвить = hard to imagine
  • тру́дно поня́ть = hard to understand
  • вам не тру́дно...? = could you, please...?
      literal  is it not difficult for you...?
 Related words:
  • тру́дный = hard, difficult (adjective)
  • труд = work, labour
  • тяжелó = hard, difficult (adverb)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Умерéть легкó, жить тру́дно.
  • It's easy to die, but it's hard to live.
  • Не тру́дно сдéлать, тру́дно заду́мать.
  • It's not hard to do, it's hard to think it over.
  • Тру́дно быть Бóгом (А.и Б. Стругáцкие).
  • It's hard to be a God (A.and B.Strugatskiy)

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