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How to say "quietly" in Russian

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Meaning: quietly, silently

Pronunciation: [TEE-khah]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #428 (see frequency list)

Silence, please! Exam in progress!
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 Example sentences:
  • Ти́хо! Идёт экза́мен!
  • Silence, please! Exam in progress!
  •  literal  Siletly! Exam is going!
  • Ма́ма всегда́ говори́ла о́чень ти́хо.
  • Mum's always spoken in a low voice.
  •  literal  Mum's always spoken quietly.
  • Вдруг кто́-то ти́хо постуча́л в дверь.
  • Suddenly somebody knocked gently at the door.
  •  literal  Suddenly somebody quietly knocked at the door.
  • Сиди́ ти́хо, не дви́гайся. Я посмотрю́, кто э́то.
  • Keep silence, don't move. I'll check who it is.
  •  literal  Sit quietly, don't move. I'll look who it is.
  • В осе́ннем лесу́ бы́ло ти́хо.
  • It was quiet in the autumn forest.
  • У нас всë ти́хо, без собы́тий.
  • Our life is peaceful, without any events.
  •  literal  We have everything so quiet, without events.
  • Снача́ла на у́лице бы́ло ти́хо, но по́том поднялся ве́тер.
  • First it was calm on the street, but then the wind started blowing.
  •  literal  First it was calm on the street, but then the wind woke up.
  • По́езд е́хал ти́хо.
  • The train was moving slowly.
  •  literal  The train was moving quietly.
  • Как идёт би́знес? Всë ти́хо!
  • How is the business going? Things are slack.
  •  literal  How is the business going? Everything is calm.
  • На се́рдце ти́хо, на душé спокóйно.
  • I have a calm heart and a tranquil soul.
  •  literal  It's silent in my heart and it's calm in my soul.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • ти́хо! = silence, please, be careful
      literal  quietly!
  • ста́ло ти́хо = the noise stopped
      literal  it became calm
  • вeсти́ себя́ ти́хо = to behave quietly
 Related words:
  • споко́йно = quietly, calmly
  • тишина́ = silence
  • ти́хий = calm, quiet
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Ти́ше е́дешь - да́льше бу́дешь.
  • Slow but sure.
  •  literal  Ride slower, get further.
  • Бу́дет ти́хо - бу́дет и ли́хо.
  • Some periods are calm, but other are turbulent.
  • Лу́чше ти́хо да вперёд, чем ско́ро да по́том наза́д.
  • It's better to go forward slowly than first to go fast and then come back.

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