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How to say "snow" in Russian

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Meaning: snow

Pronunciation: [snyehk]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #436 (see frequency list)

You can make a snowman out of this snow.
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 Example sentences:
  • Cейчác хóлодно и идëт снег.
  • It's cold now and it's snowing.
  • В ноябрé вы́пал пéрвый снег.
  • The first snow fell in November.
  • Cнег растáял в апрéле.
  • The snow melted in April.
  • Кáждый день шëл cи́льный снег.
  • It was snowing heavily every day.
  • На снегу́ бы́ли видны́ следы́ живóтных.
  • You could see animal tracks on snow.
  •  literal  On snow animal tracks could be seen.
  • Весь гóрод был покры́т снéгом.
  • All the city was covered with snow.
  • В э́том году́ снéга нé было до января́.
  • It didn't snow until January this year.
  •  literal  This year there was no snow until January.
  • У неë былá бéлая, как снег, кожа.
  • She had a snow white skin.
  •  literal  She had a skin white as snow.
  • В лесу́ лежáл глубóкий снег.
  • There was a deep snow in the forest.
  •  literal  A deep snow was lying in the forest.
  • Из такóго снéга мóжно сдéлать снеговикá.
  • You can make a snowman out of this snow.
  •  literal  It's possible to make a snowman out of this snow.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • идëт снег = it snows
  • вы́пал снег = snow fell
  • снег кружи́тся = snow whirls
  • снег тáет = snow melts
  • мóкрый снег = sleet
  • си́льный снег = it snows heavily
  • бéлый как снег = snow white
      literal  white as snow
  • как снег нá голову = out of the blue
      literal  as snow to one's head
  • ну́жно как прошлогóдний снег = not give a boot about smth
  • зимóй снéга не вы́просишь = You can’t get blood out of a stone
      literal  smb wouldn't give away snow in winter
 Related words:
  • cнéжный = snowy
  • cнегови́к = snowman
  • cнежóк = snowball, light snow
  • снежи́нка = snowflake
  • снегоочисти́тель = snowplough
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • То ли дóждик, то ли снег, то ли бу́дет, то ли нет.
  • There's many a slip between the cup and the lip.
  •  literal  Rain or snow, will be or won't be.
  • Был бы дождь, да снег помешáл
  • It should have rained, but it snowed.
  • Нет снéгу, нет и слéду
  • No snow, no trace.
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