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How to say "initially" in Russian

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Meaning: initially, at first

Pronunciation: [snah-CHAH-lah]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #482 (see frequency list)

I had lunch first and then I started working.
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 Example sentences:
  • Снача́ла я пообе́дал, а пото́м на́чал рабо́тать.
  • I had lunch first and then I started working.
  • Снача́ла никто́ не заме́тил, как он сворова́л де́ньги из карма́на пассажи́ра.
  • Nobody noticed at first that he stole money from the passenger's pocket.
  • Снача́ла па́па с ма́мой не ссо́рились.
  • At first my mum and dad didn't quarell.
  • Ты снача́ла ду́май, а по́том говори́!
  • Think first; and then start speaking! (informal "you")
  • Снача́ла никто́ не понима́л, что нас ждëт.
  • At the beginning nobody understood what was awaiting us.
  • Дава́й попро́буем сказа́ть речь снача́ла.
  • Let's try to give the speech from the beginning.
  • Начнëм снача́ла, с чи́стого листа́.
  • Let's start it from the very beginning, from scratch.
  •  literal  Let's start from the beginning, from the blank page.

 Related words:
  • ра́ньше = earlier
  • пре́жде = earlier
  • нача́льный = initial
  • нача́ло = origin
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Снача́ла ду́май, а пото́м де́лай.
  • Think first and then start doing it.
  • Снача́ла гу́сто, а под коне́ц пу́сто.
  • Many people start an affair, but not many of them finish it.
  •  literal  First it's thick and at the end it's empty.
  • Слу́хам не верь, а снача́ла прове́рь.
  • Don't believe in gossip, verify them first.

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