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How to say "strong" in Russian

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Meaning: strong, powerful, intense

Pronunciation: [SEEL'-niy]

Part of speech: adjective

Rank: #432 (see frequency list)

One has to be strong in life.
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 Example sentences:
  • Сегóдня си́льный вéтер.
  • It's really windy today.
  •  literal  Today there's strong wind.
  • У них такáя си́льная любóвь.
  • Their love is so strong.
  •  literal  They have such a strong love.
  • В жи́зни нáдо быть си́льным человéком.
  • One has to be strong in life.
  •  literal  In life it's necessary to be a strong man.
  • Я рабóтаю тóлько с си́льными ученикáми.
  • I only work with good pupils.
  •  literal  I only work with strong pupils.
  • В Япóнии произошлó cи́льное землятресéние.
  • A strong earthquake shook Japan.
  •  literal  A strong earthquake happened in Japan.
  • В си́льном госудáрстве должнó быть сильнó и óбщество.
  • In a powerful state, the society also has to be strong.
  • Я всегдá знал егó как си́льного ду́хом человéка.
  • I have always known him as a person with a strong mind.
  • Благодаря́ си́льному мотóру, маши́на вы́бралась из кювéта.
  • Thanks to its powerful engine, the car was able to get out of a ditch.
  • Бу́дьте осторóжны: э́то óчень си́льное лекáрство.
  • Be careful: it's a very strong medicine.
  • Поéздка в Рим произвелá на меня́ си́льное впечатлéние.
  • My trip to Rome produced a very strong impression on me.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • си́льный пол = men
      literal  strong sex
  • си́льный наркóтик = strong drug
  • си́льный вéтер = strong wind
  • си́льный зáпах = strong smell
  • си́льное впечатлéние = stong impression
  • си́льная вóля = strong will
  • си́льный учени́к = good pupil
      literal  strong pupil
  • си́льные ми́ра сегó = the powers that be
      literal  the strong of this world
  • ну ты силён! = isn't that cute of you!
      literal  wow, you're strong!
 Related words:
  • cи́льно = strongly, heavily
  • крéпкий = hard, strong, firm
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • C cи́льным не бори́сь, а с богáтым не суди́сь.
  • Don't struggle with the strong, don't go to law with the rich.

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