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How to say "really" in Russian

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Meaning: really, perhaps, unless

Pronunciation: [RAHZ-veh]

Part of speech: particle

Rank: #424 (see frequency list)

You can not shout like that!
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 Example sentences:
  • Рáзве он уéхал из Ташкéнта?
  • Did he really leave Tashkent?
  • Cáша был на прáзднике. Рáзве?
  • Sasha was at the party. Really?
  • Рáзве ты не знáешь Иванóвых?
  • Don't you know the Ivanovs?
  • Рáзве прóшлой зимóй бы́ло хóлодно?
  • Was it really cold last winter?
  • Рáзве мóжно так кричáть!
  • You can not shout like that!
  •  literal  Is it really possible to shout like that!
  • Рáзве ему́ ну́жно пересдавáть экзáмены?
  • Does he really need to retake the exams?
  • Тут ужé вы́хода нет, рáзве тóлько брócить рабóту.
  • There is no way out here, only to leave the job.
  • Я не люблю́ росси́йских режиссëров, рáзве что Таркóвского.
  • I don't like Russian directors, except Tarkovski.
  • Он непремéнно всë в срок закóнчит, рáзве что заболéeт.
  • He will certainly finish everything in time, unless he falls ill.
  • Рáзве мне пойти́ к дóктору?
  • Perhaps I should go to the doctor?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • рáзве тóлько = only
  • рáзве что = except
  • рáзве мóжно = it is not allowed
      literal  really possible
 Related words:
  • неужéли = really
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Не будь петухá, рáзве у́тро настáнет?
  • There is no morning without a сock.
  •  literal  If there was no cock, would the morning really come?

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