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How to say "half" in Russian

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Meaning: half

Pronunciation: [pah-lah-VEE-nah]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #702 (see frequency list)

 Example sentences:
  • На столе́ лежи́т полови́на арбу́за.
  • There is a half of a watermelon on the table.
  • Сейча́с полови́на девя́того.
  • It is half past eight.
  •  literal  Now is the half of the 9th [hour].
  • Пе́рвая полови́на игры́ зако́нчилась вничью́.
  • The first half of the game ended in a draw.
  • Ско́лько вре́мени? Полови́на тре́тьего.
  • What time is it? It's half past two.
  •  literal  How much time? Half of the third [hour].
  • Ольга нашла́ свою́ втору́ю полови́ну.
  • Olga found her second half.
  • Я ждал тебя́ три с полови́ной часа́.
  • I was waiting for you for three and a half hours.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • первая половина дня = morning
      literal  the first half of the day
  • вторая половина дня = afternoon
      literal  the second half of the day
 Related words:
  • половинка = half (diminutive)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Доброе начало -- половина дела.
  • Well begun is half done.
  • Хочу -- половина могу.
  • When there is will, there is a solution.
  •  literal  "I want" is the half of "I can".
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Instrumentalполови́ной (полови́ною)полови́нами
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