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How to say "husband" in Russian

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Meaning: husband, man

Pronunciation: [moosh]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #423 (see frequency list)

Have you already met my husband Roman?
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 Example sentences:
  • Мой муж - прекрácный человéк.
  • My husband is a wonderful person.
  • Ты ужé знакóма с мои́м му́жем Ромáном?
  • Have you already met my husband Roman?
  •  literal  Do you already know my husband Roman?
  • Как же ты живëшь без му́жа, бéдная!
  • How do you manage to live without a husband, poor!
  •  literal  How do you live without a husband, poor!
  • У неë к му́жу нет никаки́х претéнзий.
  • She has no сomplaints about her husband.
  •  literal  She has no pretensions towards her husband.
  • Их мужья́ - италья́нцы.
  • Their husbands are Italian.
  • Онá уже сказáла му́жу, что ухóдит от негó?
  • Has she already told her husband that she is leaving him?
  • У нас с бы́вшим му́жем сохрани́лись хорóшие отношéния.
  • I maintain good relations with my ex-husband.
  • Приéдут Кáтя и Сáша с мужья́ми, бу́дет вéсело!
  • Katya and Sasha will come with their husbands, we will have fun!
  • Неужéли бывáют вéрные мужья́?
  • Do faithful husbands really exist?
  • Он тепéрь такóй вáжный, настоя́щий госудáрственный муж!
  • He is so pompous now, like a real statesman!
  •  literal  He is so important now, a real statesman!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • госудáрственный муж = a statesman
  • муж нау́ки = scholars
  • бы́вший муж = an ex-husband
  • вéрный муж = a faithful husband
  • изменя́ть му́жу = to be unfaithful to smb's husband
 Related words:
  • мужчи́на = a man
  • муженëк = a husband (tender or ironic)
  • женá = a wife
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Cловá не мáльчика, но му́жа.
  • Your opinion is serious and reasonable.
  •  literal  Not boy's words, but man's words.
  • Муж - головá, женá - душá.
  • Husband is the head and wife is the soul.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural
Nominativeмужмужья́ (мужи́)
Genitiveму́жамуже́й (муже́й)
Dativeму́жумужья́м (мужа́м)
Accusativeму́жамуже́й (муже́й)
Instrumentalму́жеммужья́ми (мужа́ми)
Prepositionalму́жемужья́х (мужа́х)

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