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How to say "guest" in Russian

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Meaning: guest, visitor

Pronunciation: [gohst']

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #476 (see frequency list)

It is my birthday tomorrow, I will receive guests.
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 Example sentences:
  • Зáвтра у меня́ День рождéния, ко мне приду́т гócти.
  • It is my birthday tomorrow, I will receive guests.
  •  literal  Tomorrow is my birthday, guests will come to my place.
  • У вас всегдá так мнóго гостéй!
  • You always receive so many guests!
  •  literal  You always have so many guests!
  • Зáвтра я иду́ в гóсти к извécтному писáтелю.
  • Tomorrow I am invited to the famous writer's house.
  •  literal  Tomorrow I am going to a famous writer.
  • Ты ужé был в гостя́х у Кáти?
  • Have you already been to Katia's house?
  •  literal  Have you already been as a guest in the Katia's house?
  • Сегóдня ты наш почëтный гость.
  • Today you are our guest of honour.
  • Давáйте вы́пьем за здорóвье гостéй.
  • Let's drink for the health of our guests.
  • Он всë врéмя хóдит по гостя́м, никогдá дóма не бывáет.
  • He always goes on visits, he never stays at home.
  • Дороги́е москвичи́ и гócти столи́цы! Приглашáем вас на я́рмарку сувени́ров.
  • Dear muscovites and tourists! We invite you to the souvenirs fair.
  •  literal  Dear muscovites and city guests! We invite you to the souvenirs fair.
  • Ты ужé нали́л винó гостя́м?
  • Have you already poured wine to the guests?
  • Вчерá онá пришлá из гостéй в час нóчи.
  • Yesterday she arrived from her friend's place at one o'clock at night.
  •  literal  Yesterday she arrived from the guests at one o'clock at night.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • идти́ в гócти = visit, go on a visit
  • быть в гостя́х = be visiting
  • возвращáться из гостéй = return from a visit
  • звáные гócти = invited guests
  • почëтный гость = guest of honour
  • гócти столи́цы = tourists
      literal  city guests
 Related words:
  • гócтья = guest (feminine)
  • гости́ница = hotel
  • гости́ная = living room
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Был и мëд, да гócти вы́пили.
  • There also was honey, but the guests drank it.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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