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How to say "newspaper" in Russian

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Meaning: newspaper

Pronunciation: [guh-ZYEH-tah]

Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)

Rank: #430 (see frequency list)

Every day I read a newspaper during breakfast.
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 Example sentences:
  • Какáя твоя́ люби́мая газéта?
  • What's your favorite newspaper?
  • Кáждый день за зáвтраком я читáю газéту.
  • Every day I read a newspaper during breakfast.
  • Каки́е газéты сáмые вáжные в Росси́и?
  • What newspapers are the most important in Russia?
  • Во вчерáшней газéте былá статья́ о пéнсиях.
  • In the yesterday's newspaper there was an article about pensions.
  • Посмóтрим, что пи́шут об э́том в газéтах.
  • Let's see what they write in newspapers about that.
  • Ты успéл подписáться на "Росси́йскую газéту"?
  • Did you have time to subscribe to "Rossiyskaya gazeta"?
  • Он фрилáнсер, пи́шет обзóры для рáзных газéт.
  • He's a freelancer, he writes reviews for different papers.
  • Где издаëтся э́та газéта?
  • Where is this newspaper published?
  • Ты читáл газéту от пéрвого мáя?
  • Have you read the 1st of May newspaper?
  •  literal  Have you read the newspaper from the 1st of May?
  • Да, с такóй влия́тельной газéтой не поспóришь.
  • Yes, you won't argue against such an influential newspaper.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • cегóдняшняя газéта = today's paper
  • вчерáшняя газéта = yesterday's paper
  • ежеднéвная газéта = daily paper
  • вечéрняя газéта = evening paper
  • подпи́ска на газéту = subscription to a newspaper
  • издавáть газéту = to publish a newspaper
  • распространя́ть газéту = to distribute newspapers
  • cтенгазéта = a wall newspaper
  • живáя газéта = gossip
      literal  live newspaper
 Related words:
  • журнáл = magazine
  • газетëнка = bad quality newspaper, tabloid
  • газéтный = newspaper's
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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