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How to say "movement" in Russian

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Meaning: movement, motion, traffic, progress

Pronunciation: [dvee-ZHEH-nee-yeh]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #425 (see frequency list)

Motion is life.
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 Example sentences:
  • Движéние - э́то жизнь.
  • Motion is life.
  • Каковá скóрость движéния пóeзда?
  • What is the train's speed?
  •  literal  What is the speed of movement of the train?
  • Он приводи́л в движéние э́тот слóжный механи́зм.
  • He put in motion this complicated machine.
  • Когдá мы пришли́, онá лежáла на полу́ без движéния.
  • When we came, she was lying motionless on the floor.
  • По-мóему, вам ну́жно побóльше движéния.
  • In my opinion, you need more exercise.
  •  literal  In my opinion, you need more movement.
  • Он вéчно в движéнии, всегдá óчень зáнят.
  • He is always ont he move and always very busy.
  • Дéти, вы обязáтельно должны́ вы́учить прáвила дорóжного движéния.
  • Children, you must learn traffic rules!
  • В связи́ с авáрией движéние поездóв бы́ло врéменно останóвлено.
  • Due to an accident, the train service was temporary held up.
  • Ну, как твой проéкт, есть какóe-то движéние?
  • So, how is your project, is there any progress?
  • В э́том городкé мáло движéния.
  • There is little activity in this town.
  • В начáле двадцáтого вéка в Росси́и бы́ло сильнó революциóнное движéние.
  • At the beginning of the XXth century the revolutionary movement was strong in Russia.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • приводи́ть в движéние = put in motion
  • приходи́ть в движéние = begin to move
  • лежáть без движéния = lie motionless
  • бы́стрым движéнием руки́ = with a swift gesture
  • движéние поездóв = train service
  • прáвила дорóжного движéния = traffic rules
  • движéние сéрдца = feeling
      literal  movement of the heart
  • движéние души́ = feeling
      literal  movemet of the soul
  • колебáтельное движéние = oscillatory movement
 Related words:
  • дви́гаться = move
  • дви́гатель = motor, engine
  • дви́гательный = impellent, motive
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Цель ничтó, движéние всë.
  • Goal is nothing, progress is everything.
  •  literal  Goal is nothing, motion is everything.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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