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How to say "tree" in Russian

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Meaning: tree, wood

Pronunciation: [DYEH-ree-vuh]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #435 (see frequency list)

Mum, what is this tree called?
Photo by Ella's Dad CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Мáма, как назывáется э́то дéрево?
  • Mum, what is this tree called?
  •  literal  Mum, how called that tree?
  • В саду́ бы́ло мнóго фруктóвых дерéвьев.
  • There were many fruit trees in the garden.
  • Каки́е дерéвья расту́т в Росси́и?
  • What trees do you have in Russia?
  •  literal  What trees grow in Russia?
  • Не руби́те дерéвья, а сажáйте их!
  • Don't chop trees, plant them!
  • В засóхшем дéреве бы́ло дуплó.
  • There was a hollow in a dry tree.
  • У негó мнóго игру́шек из дéрева.
  • He has many wooden toys.
  •  literal  At him [there're] many toys from wood.
  • Мой муж занимáется резьбóй по дéреву.
  • My husband does сarving.
  •  literal  My husband engaged in carving upon wood.
  • Посмотри́те, вот стари́нный стол крácного дéрева.
  • Look, here's an old mahogany table.
  •  literal  Look, here ancient table [of] red wood.
  • За дерéвьями нé было ви́дно дáчи.
  • You couldn't see the country house behind the trees.
  • В Сиби́ри бóльше хвóйных и́ли ли́ственных дерéвьев?
  • Are there more conifer or broad-leaved trees in Siberia?

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • хвóйное дéрево = conifer
  • ли́ственное дéрево = broad-leaved tree
  • крácное дéрево = mahogany
  • чëрное дéрево = ebony
  • фруктóвое дéрево = fruit tree
  • cруби́ть дéрево = chop a tree
  • посади́ть дéрево = plant a tree
  • постучáть по дéреву = knock on wood
  • резьбá по дéреву = carving
 Related words:
  • деревя́нный = wooden
  • дрéво = tree
  • древécный = arboreal
  • древеси́на = wood
  • куст = bush
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • За дерéвьями лécа не видáть.
  • Not to see the wood for the trees
  •  literal  Not to see the wood behind the trees.
  • По сучку́ дéрево не ту́жит.
  • Don't become sad because of trifles.
  •  literal  A tree doesn't grieve for a branch.
  • От хорóшего дéрева - хорóший плод.
  • From a good tree, good fruit.
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