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How to say "feeling" in Russian

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Meaning: feeling, sense

Pronunciation: [CHOOS-tvuh]

Part of speech: noun (neuter noun)

Rank: #401 (see frequency list)

The sense of humour is an important quality for me.
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 Example sentences:
  • У негó прекрácное чу́вство врéмени.
  • He has a wonderful sense of time.
  • У человéка пять чувств.
  • A person has five senses.
  • Каки́е чу́вства ты испы́тываешь к ней?
  • What do you feel about her?
  •  literal  What feelings do you have towards her?
  • Для меня́ чу́вство ю́мора - óчень вáжное кáчество.
  • The sense of humour is an important quality for me.
  • Нéкоторые совершéнно лишены́ не тóлько чу́вства чécти, но и чу́вства дóлга и чу́вства отвéтственности.
  • Some are deprived not only of the sense of honour, but also of the sense of duty and responsibility.
  • Он читáл Маякóвского с чу́вством.
  • He was reciting Mayakovski with abandon.
  •  literal  He was reciting Mayakovski with feeling.
  • В ней рáзвито чу́вство прекрáсного.
  • She has a strong feeling for beautiful.
  •  literal  The feeling for beautiful is developed in her.
  • Внезáпно онá лиши́лась чувств.
  • Suddenly she fainted.
  • Дéвушка растрóгалась от избы́тка чувств.
  • The girl was overcome with emotion.
  •  literal  The girl was touched by excess of feelings.
  • Никогдá не игрáйте чу́вствами.
  • Never play with feelings.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • пять чувств = five feelings
  • óрганы чувств = organs of sense
  • чу́вство бóли = sense of pain
  • чу́вство жáлости = feeling of pity
  • чу́вство гóрдости = feeling of pride
  • чу́вство ю́мора = sense of humour
  • чу́вство прекрácного = sense of beauty
  • чу́вство отвéтственности = sense of responsibility
  • чу́вство меры = sense of proportion
  • чу́вство долга = sense of duty
  • чу́вство чести = sense of honour
  • прийти в чу́вство = come to oneself
  • без чувств = unconscious
  • упасть без чувств = faint
  • шестое чу́вство = the sixth sense
 Related words:
  • чу́вствовать = feel
  • чу́вствительный = sensitive
  • ощущéние = sensation, feeling
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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