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How to say "run" in Russian

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Meaning: run, hurry

Pronunciation: [bee-ZHAT']

Part of speech: verb (imperfective aspect)

Rank: #441 (see frequency list)

The sportswoman was running a 100-metre sprint.
Photo by sunnehh CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Кудá ты бежи́шь?
  • Where are you running?
  • Врéмя бежи́т.
  • Time flies.
  •  literal  Time runs.
  • Почтальóн бежáл по у́лице.
  • A postman was running along the street.
  • Беги́ за врачóм: дéдушке плóхо.
  • Hurry up to the doctors, grandad is feeling badly.
  •  literal  Run for a doctor, grandad is feeling badly.
  • Не беги́ так: я за тобóй не успевáю!
  • Don't go so fast, I сan't keep up with you!
  •  literal  Don't run like that, I сan't keep up with you!
  • Cпортсмéнка бежáла стометрóвку.
  • The sportswoman was running a 100-metre sprint.
  • Престу́пник реши́л бежáть за грани́цу.
  • The criminal decided to escape abroad.
  • Под горóй бежáла рéчка.
  • The river was running under the mountain.
  • За óкнами бегу́т поля́ и лесá.
  • Fields and woods are passing quickly outside the windows.
  •  literal  Behind the windows, fields and woods are running.
  • Он бежáл лю́дных мест.
  • He tried to avoid crowded places.
  •  literal  He ran [away from] crowded places.
  • Как бы́стро бежи́т вре́мя!
  • How fast time flies!
  •  literal  How fast time runs!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • бежáть во весь опóр = run at breakneck pace
  • бежáть изо всех ног = run for one's [dear] life
      literal  run with all the legs
  • бежáть сломя́ гóлову = run as fast as one's legs
      literal  run breaking one's head
  • бежáть впереди́ паровóза = jump the gun
      literal  run before the train
  • врéмя бежи́т = time flies
      literal  time runs
  • бежáть из тюрьмы́ = break out of prison
      literal  run from prison
 Related words:
  • бéгать = to run
  • бег = a run, running, race
  • бéгство = an escape
  • бегу́н = a runner
  • идти́ = to go on foot
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Без прáвды жить - с бéла свéта бежáть.
  • If you lead an untruthful life, you won't live long.
 Verb conjugation:

Present Tense

I бегу́
you (singular) бежи́шь
he, she, it бежи́т
we бежи́м
you (plural) бежи́те
they бегу́т

Past Tense

I, you (singular), he бежа́л
she бежа́ла
it бежа́ло
we, you (plural), they бежа́ли

Future Simple Tense

The imperfective verb бежать is not used in the Future Simple Tense. Use the perfective verb побежать instead.

Future Compound Tense

I буду бежа́ть
you (singular) будешь бежа́ть
he, she, it будет бежа́ть
we будем бежа́ть
you (plural) будете бежа́ть
they будут бежа́ть

Imperative Mood (Command Form)

you (singular) беги́
you (plural) беги́те

View full conjugation table for the verb pair бежать/побежать

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