Russian Compliments and Praise

Whether it is the special Valentine's Day or any other day of the year, you always have several ways to express your feelings through a sincere compliment.

Way 1: The best-looking
Way 2: The most special
Way 3: The most objective
Way 4: The most faithful
Way 5: The most suitable
Way 6: The most familial
Way 7: The most reciprocal

Compliments on Appearance

When you meet a person after a long time of not seeing him/her, you can make a compliment about how well he/she looks. This is a way to make the best-looking compliment.

English Russian Pronunciation
You look very pretty Ты выглядишь очень красиво Ti vigleedeesh ocheen' krahseevah
You look well Ты хорошо выглядишь Ti khahrahsho vigleedeesh

You look lovely

Ты прекрасно выглядишь

Ti preekrahsnah vigleedeesh

You look so well!

Ты так хорошо выглядишь

Ti tahk khahrahsho vigleedeesh

You look so well after the holiday!

Как вы хорошо выглядите после отпуска

Kahk vi khahrahsho vigleedeetyeh poslee otpooskah

You don't look your age

Вам не дашь ваших лет

Vahm nee dahsh vahsheekh lyeht

Well, if it isn't John! How time flies! I haven't seen you for ages! Why, you haven't changed the least bit. You do wear well.

Кого я вижу! Сколько лет, сколько зим! А ты не меняешься. Время тебя не берёт!

Kahvo yah veezhoo! Skol'kah lyeht, skol'kah zeem! Ah ti nyeh meenyaheeshsyah. Vryehmyah teebyah nee beeryot.

Compliments to the Special Person

You can make compliments by directly pointing to a person's positive qualities. We call this way the most special one.

English Russian


You are the most beautiful (handsome)


Ты самая красивая
to a female

Ты самый красивый
to a male


Ti sahmahyah krahseevahyah

Ti sahmiy krahseeviy

You are an intelligent person

Ты умная
to a female

Ты умный
to a male


Ti oomnahyah

Ti oomniy

You are charming

Ты обаятельна

Ti ahbahyahteel'na

You are a good specialist

Ты хороший специалист

Ti khahroshiy spetsiahlist

You are a first-class interpreter

Ты прекрасный переводчик

Ti preekrahsniy peereevodcheek

You are an outstanding musician

Ты превосходный музыкант

Ti preevahskhodniy moozikahnt

Compliments on a Person's Skills

You can use Russian verbs to positively comment on a person's qualities. Your compliment will be the most objective one.

English Russian


You're a good translator

Вы хорошо переводите

Vi khahrahsho peereevodeetyeh

You are a first-class dancer

Вы прекрасно танцуете

Vi preekrahsnah tahntsooeetee

You've done an excellent job in translating this story

Вы прекрасно перевели этот рассказ

Vi preekrahsnah peereeveelee etot raskahz

Compliments on Looks and Nature

You can also make a compliment by describing a person's features and qualities. Your compliment will be the most faithful one.

English Russian


You have nice eyes

У вас красивые глаза

Oovahs krahseeviyeh glahzah

You have beautiful hair

У вас красивые волосы

Oovahs krahseeviyeh volahsi

You have a good voice

У вас хороший голос

Oovahs khahroshiy golahs

You are good-natured

У вас хороший характер

Oovahs khahroshiy khahrahktyehr

You are a person of refined taste

У вас прекрасный вкус

Oovahs preekrahsniy vkoos

You have a fine sense of humor

У вас хорошее чувство юмора

Oovahs kharosheyeh choostvah yoomahrah

Compliments on Style and Fashion

Compliments on appearance, hairdo and clothes are usually said to women. Try it, and you will have the most suitable compliment.




You look very smart in this suit

Вам идёт этот костюм

Vahm eedyot etot kahstyoom

This hairstyle is just right for you

Вам идёт эта прическа

Vahm eedyot etah preechyoskah

This blouse looks well on you

Вам к лицу эта блузка

Vahm k leetsoo eta bloozkah

You are so elegantly dressed

Вы так элегантно одеты

Vi tahk eleegahntnah ahdyehti

A smile becomes you

Вас красит улыбка

Vahs krahseet oolibkah

Compliments on a Person's Relatives and Friends

You can also relate a compliment to a person's relatives and close friends. This compliment will be the most familial.




You have a lovely child

У вас прелестный ребёнок

Oo vahs preelyehsniy reebyonahk

You have a charming wife

У вас очаровательная жена

Oo vahs ahcheerahvah- teel'nahyah zheenah

You have a very intelligent husband

У тебя очень умный муж

Oo teebyah ocheen' oomniy moozh

Responses to Compliments in Russian

At last, here are some responses to compliments that people make to you. We call them the most reciprocal compliments.




Thank you!



Oh, come!

Ну что вы!


Nice to hear that

Приятно это слышать

Preeyahtnah etah slishat'

You look good too

Вы тоже хорошо выглядите

Vi tozhe khahrahsho vigleedeetyeh

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