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How to say "then" in Russian

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Meaning: then, after that, next

Pronunciation: [zah-TYEHM]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #343 (see frequency list)

The sky got dark and then there was thunder.
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis, licensed under CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Он прочитáл Гóголя, затéм Толстóго.
  • He read Gogol, then Toltsoy.
  • Нéбо потемнéло, а затéм гря́нул гром.
  • The sky got dark and then there was thunder.
  • Сначáла он говори́л об истóрии России, а затéм перешëл к европéйской истóрии.
  • First he was speaking about Russian history and then he switched to the European history.
  • Я как раз затéм и приéхала!
  • I came exactly because of that! (said by female)
  • Я немнóго отдохну́, а затéм приступлю́ к рабóте.
  • I will relax a little bit and after that I will get down to work.
  • Cнег, а затéм морóзы приду́т в столи́цу Росси́и.
  • Snow, and then frosts will come to the capital of Russia.
  • Сначáла у больнóго поднимáeтся температу́ра, затéм начинáeт болéть гóрло.
  • First the patient has a high temperature and then he gets a sore throat.
  •  literal  First the patient's temperature raises and then his throat starts hurting.
  • Затéм перейдëм ко вторóму пу́нкту.
  • Then we'll switch to the second point.
  • Я пришëл затéм, чтобы спроси́ть, как иду́т делá.
  • I came because I wanted to ask how the things were going.
  • Я позвáл вас затéм, чтóбы предложи́ть одну́ вещь.
  • I asked you to come because I wanted to suggest you something.
  •  literal  I asked you to come because I wanted to suggest you one thing.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • затéм, чтóбы... = for; because
 Related words:
  • потóм = then, after that
  • пócле = after

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