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How to say "friend" in Russian

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Meaning: friend, comrade, colleague, fellow, companion, person, individual

Pronunciation: [tah-VAH-risch]

Part of speech: noun

Rank: #210 (see frequency list)

I decided to go to Suzdal to visit a university friend.
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 Example sentences:
  • Вчерá я с мои́ми товáрищами по рабóте был на корпорати́ве.
  • Yesterday my colleagues and I were at a corporate party.
  • Я реши́л поéхать в Cу́здаль к товáрищу по университéту.
  • I decided to go to Suzdal to visit a university friend.
  • Алексáндр - мой шкóльный товáрищ.
  • Alexander is my schoolmate.
  • Собáка - мой вéрный товáрищ.
  • My dog is my best friend.
  •  literal  My dog is my loyal comrade.
  • Вáня был отли́чным товáрищем.
  • Vania was a perfect friend.
  • Я отдáл конспéкты одному́ товáрищу.
  • I gave my notes to a friend of mine.
  • На съéзде нé было товáрища Смирнóва.
  • Comrade Smirnov was absent at the party congress.
  • Товáрищи! Я прошу́ тишины́! Мы начинáeм обсуждéние.
  • Comrades! Silence, please. We're starting the discussion.
  • Этих товáрищей сюдá никтó не звал.
  • These individuals were never invited.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • товáрищ по несчácтью = companion in distress
  • товáрищ по ору́жию = companion in arms
 Related words:
  • друг = friend
  • прия́тель = friend, pal
  • знакóмый = acquaintance
  • господи́н = sir, mister
  • граждани́н = sir (old-fashioned), citizen
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Гусь свиньé не товáрищ.
  • Oil and water don't mix.
  •  literal  A goose can't be a pig's friend.
  • Пéший кóнному не товáрищ.
  • A rich can't ba a friend of a poor.
  •  literal  A pedestrian can't be a friend of a horseman.
  • Cы́тый голóдному не товáрищ.
  • A rich can't ba a friend of a poor.
  •  literal  The well-fed don't understand the hungry.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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