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Meaning: thousand

Pronunciation: [TIH-see-chuh]

Part of speech: number (cardinal number)

Rank: #303 (see frequency list)

I have a thousand things to do.
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 Example sentences:
  • У меня́ ты́сяча дел!
  • I have a lot of things to do.
  •  literal  I have a thousand things to do.
  • Ты мне не одолжи́шь пять ты́сяч рублéй?
  • Could you lend me five thousand rubles?
  •  literal  You won't lend me five thousand rubles?
  • Он проéхал ты́сячу киломéтров.
  • He traveled one thousand kilometers.
  •  literal  He drove a thousand kilometers.
  • В ты́сяча девятьсóт двáдцать пя́том году́ роди́лся мой дéдушка.
  • My grandfather was born in 1925.
  • На моëм счëте в бáнке оставáлось óколо ты́сячи двухсóт éвро.
  • There was about 1200 € left on my bank account.
  • Ты́сяча извинéний! Я не хотéл вас оби́деть.
  • I'm really sorry! I didn't want to hurt you.
  •  literal  A thousand apologies! I didn't want to hurt you.
  • Ты́сячи людéй остáлись без крóва в результáте наводнéния.
  • Thousands of people became homeless as a result of the flood.
  • Ты что, э́тот компью́тер в ты́сячу раз лу́чше!
  • You're mistaken, this computer is much better!
  •  literal  You're mistaken, this computer is thousand times better!
  • На загрязнëнной территóрии живóтные ги́бли ты́сячами.
  • Thousands of animals were dying on the polluted area.
  • Речь идëт о ты́сячах карти́н.
  • We are talking about thousands of paintings here.
  • "Ты́сяча и однá ночь" - óчень интерécное произведéние.
  • "The Thousand and One Nights" is an interesting work.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • оди́н на ты́сячу = one in a thousand
  • он ты́сячу раз прав = he is absolutely right
      literal  he is one thousand times correct
  • ты́сячу извинéний! = a thousand apologies!
  • ты́сяча дел = a lot of things to do
      literal  a thousand things to do
  • ты́сяча причи́н = a lot of reasons
      literal  thousand reasons
 Related words:
  • ты́сячный = thousandth
  • тысячелéтие = millenium
  • ты́сячекрáтный = thousandfold
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • У инохóдца ты́сяча путéй, у хи́трого ты́сяча слов.
  • An ambler has thousand ways and a sly man, thousand words.
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Instrumentalты́сячью, ты́сячей

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