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How to say "also" in Russian

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Meaning: also, as well, too

Pronunciation: [TAHK-zheh]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #351 (see frequency list)

She was kind, she also worked hard.
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 Example sentences:
  • Он тáкже поéдет в командирóвку.
  • He will also go on a business trip.
  • Онá былá дóбрым человéком, а тáкже хорошó рабóтала.
  • She was kind, and also worked well.
  •  literal  She was a kind person, she also worked well.
  • Если вы брócили кури́ть, вам тáкже слéдует брócить пить.
  • If you quit smoking, you also have to quit drinking.
  • Тáкже вы должны́ написáть подрóбный отчëт.
  • You have to write a detailed report as well.
  • Тáкже отмéчу, что áвтор – профессионáльный журнали́ст.
  • I have to mention as well that the author is a professional journalist.
  • Вы смóжете посети́ть зоопáрк, а тáкже аквапáрк.
  • You'll be able to visit the zoo as well as the aquapark.
  • Вы смóжете посмотрéть худóжественные фи́льмы, а тáкже документáльные фи́льмы и сериáлы онлайн.
  • You'll be able to watch films as well as documentaries online.
  • С Новым гóдом! И вас тáкже!
  • Happy New Year! The same to you!
  • Мне нрáвится тáкже и вáше предложéние.
  • I like your suggestion as well.
  • Я тáкже не хотéл бы идти́ тудá.
  • I wouldn't like to go there either.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • а тáкже = as well as
  • И вас (тебя́ тáкже) = the same to you (congratulations)
 Related words:
  • тóже = too, also, as well

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