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How to say "here" in Russian

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Meaning: here

Pronunciation: [syoo-DAH]

Part of speech: adverb

Rank: #389 (see frequency list)

Svieta! Come here, look!
Photo by whologwhy CC-BY-2.0
 Example sentences:
  • Све́та! Иди́ сюда́, посмотри́!
  • Svieta! Come here, look!
  • Я бо́льше сюда́ не прие́ду.
  • I won't come here anymore.
  • Пожа́луйста, проходите сюда́.
  • This way, please.
  •  literal  Please, walk in here.
  • Скоре́е сюда́! И́горю Петро́вичу пло́хо!
  • Сome here, quick! Igor Petrovich is feeling bad!
  • Он ходи́л туда́-сюда́ по ко́мнате.
  • He was walking back and forth around the room.
  • Э́та дета́ль сюда́ не подхо́дит.
  • This detail doesn't fit here.
  • Маши́на не дви́гается ни туда, ни сюда́.
  • The car isn't moving in any direction.
  •  literal  The car isn't moving not there nor here.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • иди́ сюда́ = сome here
  • пожа́луйста, сюда́ = this way, please
      literal  please, here
  • скоре́е, сюда́! = come here, quick!
  • туда-сюда́ = back and forth
      literal  there-here
  • ни туда, ни сюда = to be stuck
      literal  not there nor here
 Related words:
  • здесь = here (place)
  • тут = here (colloquial)
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Па́лка о двух конца́х: и тудá, и сюда́.
  • Two edged sword.
  •  literal  A stick with two edges: there and here.

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