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How to say "old man" in Russian

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Meaning: old man

Pronunciation: [stah-REEK]

Part of speech: noun (masculine noun)

Rank: #293 (see frequency list)

It is necessary to raise old people's pensions.
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 Example sentences:
  • Он ещë не стари́к.
  • He is not old yet.
  •  literal  He is not an old man yet.
  • Ты читáл "Стари́к и мóре" Хемингуэя?
  • Have you read "The Old Man and the Sea" by Hemingway?
  • Говоря́т, старики́ му́дрые.
  • They say old people are wise.
  • Лет ему́ немнóго, а вы́глядит старикóм.
  • He is not that old, but he looks old.
  •  literal  He has few years, but he looks like an old man.
  • Нужнó обязáтельно повы́сить пéнсии старикáм.
  • It is necessary to raise old people's pensions.
  • Он поговори́л со всéми старикáми дерéвни, но никтó не пóмнил егó дéдушку.
  • He spoke with all the old people of the village, but nobody remembered his grandfather.
  • В сëлах остáлись одни́ старики́ и стару́хи, все молоды́е разъéхались по городáм.
  • Only elderly people remain in villages, all the young went to cities.
  •  literal  Only old men and women remain in villages, all the young people went to cities.
  • Мои старики́ живу́т в Новосиби́рске, а твои́?
  • My parents live in Novosibirsk, and yours?
  •  literal  My old men live in Novosibirsk and yours?
  • Предстáвь, ему́ три́дцать лéт, а он ещë сиди́т на шée у свои́х старикóв!
  • Imagine, he is 30 already, but he still lives at his parents' expence!
  • Как делá у твои́х старикóв?
  • How are your parents doing?
  • В похóд пошли́ нóвенькие и старики́.
  • Beginners and experienced went hiking.
  • Эй, стари́к, как жизнь?
  • Hey, old chap, how is life going?
  • Ну, ты, стари́к, даëшь, неужéли не сдал?
  • Old chap, it is unbelievable, did you really fail?
  • Ему́ пришлócь служи́ть со старикáми.
  • He had to serve in the Army with old-timers.

 Related words:
  • cтáрый = old
  • стару́ха = old woman
  • старики́ = elderly people, parents
 Other forms of the word (declensions):
Case Singular Plural

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