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How to say "how much" in Russian

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Meaning: how much, how many

Pronunciation: [SKOHL'-kuh]

Part of speech: pronoun, adverb

Rank: #234 (see frequency list)

I can't believe how many presents you've got!
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 Example sentences:
  • Скóлько тебé лет?
  • How old are you? (informal)
  •  literal  How many years to you?
  • Cкóлько стóит э́тот платóк?
  • How much does this shawl cost?
  • Cкóлько у тебя́ учéбников по ру́сскому языку́?
  • How many Russian textbooks do you have? (informal)
  • Извини́те, Вы не скáжете, скóлько сейчác врéмени?
  • Could you tell me what time it is? (polite)
  •  literal  I'm sorry, couldn't you tell me what time it is now?
  • Cкóлько у вас подáрков!
  • You've got so many presents!
  •  literal  How many presents you have!
  • По скóльку рублéй вы ски́нулись?
  • How many rubles did you chip in?
  • На скóлько они́ уезжáют в Aнглию?
  • For how long are they going to England?
  • Cкóлько прошлó врéмени с тех пор, как Вы написáли Вáшу пéрвую статью́?
  • How much time has passed since you wrote your first article?
  • Скóльких товáрищей он прéдал!
  • How many friends did he betray!
  • Ты дáже не мóжешь себé предстáвить, к скóльким врачáм я обращáлся!
  • You even can't imagine how many doctors I consulted!
  • Cкóлько он ни сдавáл на правá, у негó ничегó не выходи́ло.
  • He would try to pass the driving licence test, he didn't manage to get it.
  •  literal  How many times did he take the driving licence test, noting turned out at him.
  • Ей бы́ло ну́жно стóлько же одéжды, скóлько бывáет у актри́с.
  • She needed as much clothes as actresses have.
  • Он не стóлько глуп, скóлько необразóван.
  • He's not so much silly as uneducated.
  • Cкóлько себя́ пóмню, я всегдá был здорóвым ребëнком.
  • As much as I can remember myself, I've always been a healthy child.

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • cкóлько раз тебé говори́ть, что... = how many times do I have to tell you that...
  • скóлько (душé) угóдно = as much as one wants
  • у́жас (стрáх) скóлько = many, much
  • хоть скóлько = any quantity
  • cкóлько мóжно! = stop it!
      literal  how much possible
 Related words:
  • мнóго = many, much
  • мáло = few, little
  • наскóлько = in what extent, as far as
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Cкóлько ни ду́май, лу́чше хлéба-сóли не приду́маешь.
  • Simple things are the most important.
  •  literal  You might think a lot, but you won't invent anythong better than bread and salt.
  • Cкóлько лет, скóлько зим!
  • We haven't met for ages!
  •  literal  How many summers, how many winters!
  • Скóлько голóв, стóлько умóв.
  • There're as many heads as ways of thinking.
  • Cкóлько вóлка ни корми́ - он всë в лес смóтрит.
  • He that will steal a pin will steal a pound.
  •  literal  No matter how much you feed a wolf, yet it still looks in the forest.
  • Скóлько верёвку ни вить, а концу́ быть.
  • The cord may curl long but the end must appear.

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