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How to say "let" in Russian

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Meaning: let, though, even if

Pronunciation: [poost']

Part of speech: conjunction, particle

Rank: #312 (see frequency list)

Let him eat.
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 Example sentences:
  • Пусть он поécт.
  • Let him eat.
  • Пусть онá всë cначáла провéрит.
  • Let her check everything first.
  • Если́ он хóчет хорóшую зарплáту – пусть рабóтает.
  • If he wants a good salary, he needs to work.
  •  literal  If he wants a good salary, let him work.
  • Пусть позвоня́т в посóльство и спрócят по пóводу пácпорта.
  • Let [them] call to the Embassy and ask about the passport.
  • Пусть не ду́мает, что я забы́л о ней!
  • She shouldn't think I forgot about her.
  •  literal  Let her not think that I forgot about her.
  • Хорошó, пусть бу́дет по-твóeму.
  • Ok, have it your way.
  •  literal  Good, let it be in your way.
  • Мне всë равнó, пусть дéлает, что хóчет!
  • It's all the same for me: let him (her) do what he (she) wants to!
  • Пусть себé игрáют, остáвь их в покóе.
  • Let [them] play, leave them in peace.
  • Пусть тóлько попрóбует сказáть ей гру́бость!
  • [He] shouldn't even attempt to say something rude to her!
  •  literal  Let [him] just try to say something rude to her!
  • Оксáна меня́ бóльше не лю́бит, ну и пусть!
  • Oksana doesn't love me anymore, but never mind!
  • Пусть Х рáвен Y.
  • Let X equal Y.
  • Пусть он не умëн, затó трудолюби́в.
  • Even though he's not intelligent, he's hard-working.
  • Пусть вы допусти́ли оши́бку – еë всегдá мóжно испрáвить.
  • Even if you made a mistake, you can always correct it.
  • Пусть бы дóждь, тóлько бы не грозá!
  • It's still ok if it rains, but I wish it wasn't a storm!

 Idioms and set expressions:
  • ну и пусть = never mind
      literal  well and let
  • пусть тóлько попрóбует = he (she) shouldn't even attempt to...
      literal  let (him) just try
  • пусть тóлько су́нется = he (she) should even think about coming
      literal  let him just come around
 Related words:
  • пускáй = let, even if
  • дáже écли = even if
 Proverbs and sayings:
  • Пусть всегдá бу́дет сóлнце, пу́сть всегдá бу́дет небо... (Л.Ошáнин)
  • May there always be sunshine, may there always be blue skies... (L.Oshanin)
  •  literal  Let there always be sun, let there always be sky...
  • Пу́сть земля́ ему́ бу́дет пу́хом.
  • May he rest in peace.
  •  literal  May the earth be soft for him.

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